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    Anthem Build

    I'm starting a thread to document my Giant anthem build. I currently own a Cannondale f700 build (for sale for now), but want more. I bought a 2014 anthem 3 and am gathering the bits to bolt on a bbshd. I got the bb bb adapter and the shim for the battery to clear the cable stays. I'm probably going to reuse a lot of bits feeling my Cannondale since it's not selling. Finally, I'm thinking of wrapping the bike in a wood wrap ( maybe teak, hickory or bamboo) for a little natural irony.

    I'm building a bike for a 36 mi rt commute to work in the DC area. With all of the stops and transitions, it's about a 50-55 minute ride each way. It has 900 ft of vertical each way and the round trip eats a 13m5 mAh battery since I push pretty hard the whole way for speed.

    My first build...only 36 mph.. MORE!


    I wrote to Schwalbe about tire choices some there seen to be many. I want to move fast, and I have about a mile of canal towpath to traverse in addition to pretty well maintained roads. Their reply led me to buy a pair of their super moto-x greens, though if you want bombproof, they recommend their marathon plus mtb as absolutely bomb proof. I'll paste the quote when I get back to my pc. They're used on fleet rental ebikes in nyc.


      Here is the patient. A 2014 anthem. I chased after carbon specimens for a while, but gave up. I got a decent deal in this bike


        Waiting for parts... Build probably memorial day weekend as my motor won't be here until Monday night.

        Build list
        Bbshd motor
        52t bling ring. Shims to clear the chainstay
        Stock crank arms.
        Basic display, though the California ebike eggbeater is interesting.
        13.5 nah 52 volt battery.
        I'm running at 25 amps. I'm light and don't need that much power. I figure it will but me some range and make me pedal a little more. I still didn't in a 37-38 top end based on my 26" BBS02 build that did 35-36.