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24" BMX Sunday Wave C BBSHD

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    Nice build. 42 mph on a BMX bike is CRAZY!!


      For the new titanium build: have you considered a custom belt drive instead of a chain, that could possibly save you a few hundred grams? Pedals are magnesium by any chance? ;-)

      And do you still run the BAC800 controller? Might the Grin Phaserunner be a bit lighter and smaller?
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        Since you worked so hard to achieve perfect chainline, I bet you'll know the answer to this question. Why is the Lekkie Drive Cover even necessary? According to Lekkie, in order to use the 40t without a spacer, you need to file some material off of the motor. See page 4 in this doc ( If you need to file anyway, why not file down the motor (as indicated in the Lekkie instructions) and the original bafang drive cover? If you did that, it seems to me like drive cover is unnecessary.

        I can't stand the red annodized aluminum (and by the looks of it, neither can you) so I'd rather just stick with the original drive cover.

        Can anyone here see any flaws in my logic?