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BBSHD Build - Specialized Comp Disc FSR -2005

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    BBSHD Build - Specialized Comp Disc FSR -2005

    2005 Specialized Comp Disc FSR 26" Wheels - Large Frame
    Bafang BBSHD Motor Kit From Luna Cycle
    52V 11.5ah PF Panasonic Pack

    $699 - Bafang BBSHD 1000W Mid Drive Kit Bottom Bracket Size: 68-73mm (Standard),
    • ChainRing: Luna Aluminum Chain Ring Adapter 42T
    • Throttle Choices: Bafang BBSHD Universal Thumb Throttle
    • Magnetic motor cutoff sensors option chosen for my own juicy 5 Hydraulic Brakes

    $45 - Display Upgrade: Luna Full Color Display
    $435.95 - Performance Pack 52v Panasonic PF 11.5a Battery
    $79.95 52V Advanced 300W Luna Charger

    Total Kit Cost $1,259.90 + My donor bike

    Ease of Build = Easy-Medium
    Skills Needed - Mechanical and light wiring

    Challenges pre build:
    Finding Battery Pack that would fit inside triangle of frame on a full suspension bike

    Challenges During Build:
    Removing Shimano Cartridge from Bottom Bracket (BB)
    Fitting BBSHD motor through BB. VERY tight fit. Unexpected and difficult getting the motor through the BB.
    Pulling motor from BB after initial install to add small Spacer on motor/Sprocket side as housing was against Suspension pivot arm. PITA.
    Securing battery safely on bike. Suspended and padded.

    Donor bike:
    Click image for larger version

Name:	image_1960.jpg
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    Battery and Motor Kit Arrival:
    Click image for larger version

Name:	Photo Jun 25, 8 53 40 AM.jpg
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    Click image for larger version

Name:	Photo Jun 25, 8 54 39 AM.jpg
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    Unpacking and organizing BBSHD kit
    Click image for larger version

Name:	Photo Jun 25, 10 12 12 AM.jpg
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    Removing cranks and disassembling BB
    Click image for larger version

Name:	Photo Jun 25, 9 12 57 AM.jpg
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    Click image for larger version

Name:	Photo Jun 25, 9 12 36 AM.jpg
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    Click image for larger version

Name:	Photo Jun 25, 9 46 32 AM.jpg
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    Mounting Motor and Installing Crank arms and pedals + wiring and mounting throttle, brake cut-off sensors, and LCD/Computer.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	Photo Jun 25, 10 54 57 AM.jpg
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    Click image for larger version

Name:	Photo Jun 25, 11 08 10 AM.jpg
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    This was very tricky as the Shark Packs and other triangle batteries were too big to fit the inside of the frame. I elected to use the 52V 11.5ah PF battery below. I used a heavy duty thick neoprene knee brace. The battery fits snugly inside. I used the Velcro straps to secure to the top tube of the frame. It is very well padded and quite secure. This is a temporary solution until I can fabricate something more secure.... or will I....?
    Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

Name:	Knee Brace.jpg
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    Click image for larger version

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    I will add more info as time allows. Wifey calling me for dinner...
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    Nice build fulsomrider I'll add this to the compatible thread.
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      [QUOTE=Challenges During Build:

      Fitting BBSHD motor through BB. VERY tight fit. Unexpected and difficult getting the motor through the BB.

      ​I found the same problem with my Electra cruiser build but didn't mention it. If you feel inside the bracket where the seat tube and frame tubes intersect the BB you may find a burr or you will find a very sharp edges. Hit these edges with sandpaper or a dremel, blow out the grit and the BBSHD will slide right least it did for me....calfee



        About 500 miles on this rig and generally speaking this is a beast of a bike. Very fast and powerful. My only issue is my chain line when I am on rear sprocket 8,7, or sometimes 6 (from largest to smallest) of my 8 speed rear cassette, I will occasionally throw the chain off the front sprocket. This is mitigated with more careful shifting and low or no PAS while shifting. I am using the Aluminum Luna 42 T Sprocket. It would be unworkable with a standard front sprocket. The Luna sprocket has longer teeth and seems to do a good job.

        I do own a couple Sondors Thins for wifey and kids which as pretty cool and fun little rigs but anemic compared to the BBSHD.


          awesome :) yeah the aluminum 42t sprocket is the wore for chainline.... you need one with more offset even the stock steel chain would be better.

          For maximum offset get the luna eclipse chainring... that is what we used because both bikes we tested on had chain coming off issues with even the stock steel 46t sprocket.


            Got my Eclipse yesterday and installed today. MUCH better. Chain line is dead center to the middle of my rear cassette. Much quieter and smoother pedaling. I can access all my rear gears. I didn't need to use the spacer and mine came with long screws.


              How is this rig doing now that you've had it a while? I am contemplating the same build as I already own the same bike.

              In the first post you mention having to pull the motor to put in a spacer. Did the spacer come with the kit? Do you remember how thick the spacer was?


                Found this old thread on a search. I just have added a TSDZ2 drive to an old Cannondale F1000 hardtail and am already getting the itch to do another build with BBSHD, perhaps using my 2003 Specialized Stumpjumper XC Comp. Everything looks good except as the OP noted battery fitment is a challenge. Not a bad temporary solution with the neoprene knee brace. Could maybe create some sort of permanent mount with a 3D printer for that battery pack.

                I'd also like to hear how this bike handled the BBSHD long term.
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                  Also hoping for an update... I found the exact same bike on the local Craigslist (even the same color!), and am thinking of one of those 3000W mid-drive kits. Questions include, first, how the bike feels at speed ("speed" being maybe 25-30 mph?) and how the electric drive-system mechanically interfaces with the stock gearing.


                    Not an update on the original bike but I found this thread when looking at doing a conversion and thought i would add to it.

                    Just fitted a BBSHD and 17.5Ah battery to my FSR and completed 2 days of 35 mile rides and can only say the bike is fantastic. Motor and battery were easy to fit and the gears work fine using a Lekkie 42T chainring.
                    It needs big tyres, i have 2.3" tyres fitted, theres no issue (yet) of the front hitting the battery, it may if the suspension was fully compressed but if that happens Ive probably already crashed.

                    Things left to do...
                    It needs bigger brakes, I will fit the Magura MT5e as they have the sensors built in.
                    Tidy up the cabling under the controller.
                    Possibly try a bigger front chainring, but clearance around the frame looks tight so I will need to be careful with alignment.
                    Fit a gear selector sensor as the strain on derailleur when shifting under load (up hill) will probably cause it or the chain to fail.

                    Heres a pic..


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                      Hi Neil,
                      Good summary, and how it does not incur tire / battery interference.
                      Any more pictures of your nice FSR?

                    I was considering selling my 2009 StumpJumper 29 FSR and my road and comfort bikes (much lower spec), and getting an electric offroad bike. The problem is I'm 6'4", 255lbs, with a 37 inch inseam and I can't find any I fit. My StumpJumper is an XXL (22.2 in) and fits me like a glove. Because of my weight I was looking a 1000w motors - but the only things that would carry me had 26x4 tires - and I really don't want to go wider and shorter. So then I started wondering if a 1000 motor could mount to my 29er, and I found your post. I wonder what batteries I can fit, since I have about 3 inches more of room, I think I should go with a 32 tooth because of the bigger wheels, and my weight. I figure I need a bigger battery, and a better way to mount it. Have you updated the way yours is mounted?


                      I'm not clear on the goal, you are looking for an offroad bike or more of a cruiser?

                      Looking at pictures of what I think may be the bike it gets pretty narrow at the headtube and the shock on the seat tube do restrict the space but I'm sure none of the photos of are the XXL so maybe that helps. What kind of range you looking for? On road its not too hard to estimate range but offroad ads a bunch more variables, I get 1/3-1/2 the range on the trails than I do on pavement.

                      IF you are wanting to do the trails especially more advanced ones or plow though loose sand you will want the 32. If easier trails or more pavement type of things a 42 may do fine. I'm not sure how the above bikes compare to yours so I didn't really read the details of the builds as far as spacers and chain ring clearance issues. There are many bikes where you just can't get a decent chain line with the small chainrings. The photos look like you have a decent size double or even triple ring which is usually good when looking at a BBS conversion because there had to be a decent clearance and angles. The newer 1x's are often a bigger problem.



                        I havent changed the way the battery has been mounted, its fine and hasnt been hit by the tyre at all (2.25" Maxxis), I have done a lot of rides now and some pretty varied terrain so am comfortable that the clearance is fine. The only problem that may occur is water getting into the battery.

                        Updated on the bike since my initial post...
                        • I got a few punctures when running inner tubes, I think the weight of the bike and the power being used was too much and causes pinch flats. I have converted the rims to tubeless using Stans tape and inserted Vittoria air-liner inserts and havent had any issues since.
                        • Tidied up the cabling around the bars by using a small bag.
                        • Fitted the Magura brakes, they connect to the Bafang leads with a small modification and are way better than the old brakes. Having the cut-out on the brakes is a must.
                        • Added the gear selector cut-out, it works fine but I'm not sure how useful it is
                        • Upgraded to a KMC E-Bike chain - not had any issues.
                        • Chainring is the same 42T. Gives me around 20mph cruising speed on tarmac and is fine on hills.
                        Things I have learned...
                        • The controller has settings 1 to 5 (1 = lowest), I spend 70% of my time on 1, maybe 25% on 2/3 when it gets muddy or really hard work.
                          • I rarely use 4 or 5, it has to be a steep hill to need it. I can get KOM on any Strava segment though when I do use it (before i change the ride type to e-bike)
                          • If I use all 1000w on a flat muddy section its actually dangerous as its way too fast and makes the bike uncontrollable, maybe if I was a fit 20 year old it would be ok.
                        • The amount of power I generally use (according to the controller) is about 200 - 400 watts
                        • I think a 500 or 750W motor would have been enough for me, the 1000w is overkill. A smaller motor may also provide a longer range from the battery and be smoother to use, this motor can be a bit brutal on technical single track even on the lowest settings.
                        IJustWantToRide - I think if your bike is comfortable then I would convert it, if it doesnt work out then you can still sell the parts and not lose much. Chainring and gearing you can experiment with once you have it all working, What ratios you need really depends on terrain and riding style you want.

                        Here are some more pics (which show that i really should clean the bike)...

                        Click image for larger version

Name:	20210113_105415.jpg
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                        Click image for larger version

Name:	20210113_105454.jpg
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ID:	120498

                        Click image for larger version

Name:	20210113_105558.jpg
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                        Click image for larger version

Name:	20210113_105624.jpg
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ID:	120500
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                          I like the small bag to manage and hide cables and connectors. Also gives another layer of protection to them which can't be a bad thing. Have you tried settings your assist levels to 9? Doesn't change the max and min power levels but gives you more and finer steps in the range which many of us that use the assist really like a lot better than 3 or 5.

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                          My battery mount is similar, wet, and I bought a Wolf battery because it's 'potted' with epoxy.

                        Great write-up and very much appreciated. I was on the fence on whether to take my stock 2006 Stumpjumper through an upgrade. Now I am all systems go.


                          Iv got a 17ah 52v and fitted in the frame, just! 500miles and going strong
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