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BBS02+Kona Splice+a bunch of aftermarket bike parts=super fun trail/commuter bike

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    Very nice build thread.... i have added it to our list...sorry for missing it the first time ;)



      I just passed 1,000 miles on the BBSHD... Here is a brief summary

      e-biking is awesome... I love the freedom

      Stuff that I Changed.
      Raised my handle bars a bit on the advice of my chiropractor. I am an old man... but don't say that to my face unless you want to die young.
      Tried a Nuvinci hub. Did not like it for the hilly terrain that I ride. Went back to derailleur
      Upgraded derailleur to a Shimano RD M592 Deore unit. ... To be honest, I don't notice any difference from the cheaper OEM unit. Both work fine.

      Stuff that wore out
      One set of disk brake pads.
      Tires are still good
      Chain.. Measured a bit of stretch in my OEM chain. My Luna Eclipse chain ring is too expensive and too good to risk trashing it with a stretched chain. Replaced the chain with a tougher chain...

      Stuff that broke
      One clutch... Eric says that it's because I'm athletic.. He's a smart guy... Why would I deny this?

      Not much to say here. No real surprises.. Everything just works... I love it.
      I will say that as with any other contraption, patience and attention to detail in the build process usually correlates with operational reliability.

      Ride on friends !!!!