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1997 Giant ATX 880 BBSHD.

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    1997 Giant ATX 880 BBSHD.

    Sorry I'm having problems installing photos, I will try to insert them as soon as I figure it out.

    This has been a long, interesting journey. I discovered the world of e-bikes the beginning of this year 2016. After a few months of research, in early May I ordered the Luna BBSHD (68-73mm) with upgraded Luna 42T chain ring along with the color monitor & universal thumb throttle. I also ordered the 52V smart charger & 52V GA 17ah battery.

    The BB removal & motor install went smoothly with no adjustments or spacers needed. A simple plug & play install. I did need to cut & solder extensions for the control wiring due to running ape hangers. This was not difficult but took a little longer than the actual install. I decided not to install the brake levers/sensors and as of today don't regret that decision.

    First test ride without e-assist brought the first challenge of this build. Bad Chainline. The chain consistently missed hooking up to the front ring. That experience was discussed here;

    After several attempts to fabricate a chain guide unsuccessfully I purchased a Shram G8 IGH. Being unfamiliar with IGH's & lacing spokes I took it to a small bike shop. That turned into an major drama discussed here;

    I got the bike back Friday and have logged some rubber to pavement & dirt. I live in hilly/mountainous terrain & peddle without e-assist as much as I can. This morning was the first time I needed PAS2 although I have used the throttle a few times on serious, technical climbs. Friday I did 20 miles of mixed pavement/fire road & single track, some pretty technical, everything is good & I have a smile on my face. Sunday I did 30 miles mixed riding again. This morning I did 45 miles of pavement with about 50% legs & 50% PAS1 switching to PAS2 briefly on the last hill (legs were starting to burn and I'd like to walk tomorrow). I've been unable to calculate battery usage. I don't have a batman and running 52v the monitor isn't effective. I can say I haven't even used half battery yet. I started with 58v on today's ride of 45 hilly miles and still have 55v left.

    All said, I'm pleased with how things turned out. This was a test build and I learned a lot. If I have one complaint it's that the Shram G8 seems weak and I'm not sure how long it's gonna last. It jumps off gear even when not shifting & when I shift I stop peddling and carefully ease back into my cadence, making sure I have positive hookup. It appears that the shift cable has stretched & the hub is out of calibration by about a 1/4 inch. All info suggests tuning by turning cable insert at the shifter but that is as tight as it will go. I can't find any info on how to adjust cable at the hub & looking at it I don't want to mess with it so back to the shop. This time I'm gonna watch & have him explain what he's doing. The donner bike is solid & handles well with confidence even at 30mpg. With the 42T front ring & the Shram G8 in 8th gear I do 16-18mpg with a good cadence, 19-20mpg and I'm feeling like a hamster on a tread wheel.

    I like this build for it's diversity. I have it set up as a comfort cruiser which it fairs well at but I can do some pretty technical MB stuff for a fat old man (downhill bombing not included). The wiring needs to be cleaned up & rear derailleur will be replaced with a proper tension arm. I'm already looking forward to my next build.
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    Finally figured out how to resize so they would transfer. I'm a techtard.