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E bike building for school projects

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    E bike building for school projects

    My e bike build with solar has been getting a lot of attention. Recently i have been asked to mentor a project for building another as a senior project neccesary for graduation.
    this project would stress bicycle safety. Bicycle maintenance in particular for e bike. Electric motor control. First step is building a diy ebike. Then adding Solar electric.. Design and building skills on bike and or trailer.
    The promotion of bicycle use, in particular e bikes, is important as we transition to evs in general. Knowledge of solar applications and batteries are fields we need people with skill sets that are applicable.

    Electric bicycles can make traveling between urban areas and cities more convenient, however the top models can be expensive for you. Top-quality electric bicycles from top brands such as Trek's Super Commuter 8s and Raleigh Redux IE offer both top performance and standard in an elegant design. However, with the top of the line electric bicycles costing between $3,000 and $5,000 and up, this extra-high quality doesn't come cheap.

    At the opposite end on the other hand, inexpensive electric bicycles that are directly imported from Asia and then shipped to the US are the lowest prices, beginning at about $500. The bikes we've tested previously have been ultra-budget electric bicycles and often the results come back the same way - bicycle parts: good bicycle parts are mediocre at best. Check