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    Controller 20A


    I got a 20" wheel/motor with 1000w. The controller is just 48V 15A.

    My battery is 52V 20A. Do I get it right, that my controller will not handle out 20A and burn out ?

    If so, how to find a proper controller for my motor ? 20A ok, but what else should I look at ?

    Guessing it will all work ok but you may not be able to get the motor to its full output. 48v at 15 amps is only 720 watts. Should not hurt anything just with the controller at full power you are only using 3/4 of the motors supposed rating. Most controllers seem to be able to handle 52v without blowing up but if it doesn't have a 52v setting the battery meter won't be accurate and you will depend on the battery low voltage cutoff because the controller one will be too low.

    On your battery rating does it say what the 20a is? Does it have a 20 amp BMS? Or is that the capacity 20 ah? You don't see that many 52v batteries with only 20 amp BMSs. 52v came out more or less for 1500w motors which draw around 30 amps at 52v. You want to be BMS rating to be at least the same or ideally higher than the controller rating so both 20 is OK. If the BMS is 30 and the controller is 20 that's great because you won't be stressing or hitting the limit in the battery.