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  • 73Eldo
    I'm not sure what you are asking. Got a picture? Are you cutting the bike or the motor? I don't think too many people here have the m625 because at this point its not tunable like previous models and you are stuck with their battery. I do seem to recall some reviews talking about slight differences in the case but I don't remember them saying they thought they would cause clearance issues.

    Typically the issues with fat bikes which by default are more modern designs is that they were designed for the 1x drives so the chain stay kicks out pretty far and pretty fast to clear the fat tire. The gear case on the BBSHD which I think is similar size to the 625 is about the size of a 30t ring so many times there is barely clearance for it.

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  • Kesmo
    started a topic Bafang m625

    Bafang m625

    So I scored salsa muckluk advent x 2022 got a bafang m625.Go to put it together and find out 100 mm bb is not the only info I needed to get. The middle of the bb on the muckluk is smaller than the outside so the motor won't slide through. Thought about cutting off the part that doesn't fit basically the middle then using the one bolt bracket on the non drive side to secure the piece I cut off. I'm talking about I guess the bb shell? Any help greatly appreciated.