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A List of Full Suspension bikes that a Shark Pack will fit on the downtube ( PICTORIAL)

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    A List of Full Suspension bikes that a Shark Pack will fit on the downtube ( PICTORIAL)

    Help us compile a list of FULL SUSPENSION bikes that have been converted to an electric bike and the hard case battery fit in the triangle!

    It seems the holy grail of BBSHD conversion bikes are full suspension off road bikes but everyone knows how hard it is to get a battery pack to fit into the triangle.

    Please post picture of the bike (prefer pic with battery mounted)

    And if possible a link to the build thread.

    Plus any other info you have on making the battery fit and if the bbshd or bbs02 fits.

    Thread on how to post a full photo can be found here
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    2016 Giant Stance 2

    For more information see build thread here: Click image for larger version

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      2008 Full Suspension Turner BBSHD and Shark Pack

      Red build thread here

      Click image for larger version

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      • Kocho
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        Ha! I just bought an old Turner frame that will arrive tomorrow. Plan to build it up with my old hardtail Specialized Rockhopper parts for now, as I hope they will all transfer directly...

      Specialized XC Comp. BBS02 with 13.5 Shark battery which was a tight fit. Rare full suspension frame that shark pack fits (no build thread)

      Click image for larger version

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        Hello All!
        Here is my 2006 Rocky Mountain Element 50 with BBSHD. It have the 13.5ah shark battery, 52v , perfect fit. Everything work fine except for the Luna Eclipse chainring. It need spacers to clear the rear horizontal fork. I'm still waiting the spacers to install the Luna eclipse chainring. I use it everyday for commuting, 50km/day. For now i have 2300km since june 1st. Love it!

        build thread here
        Click image for larger version

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          Good write up here on the Jamis Dakar

          Click image for larger version

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            Here is a great one.

            The KHS 650 7200 is an awesome bike that is a pretty straightforward install. As you can see plenty of room for the shark battery in the XL, L and we will let you guys know soon one the Mediums.

            The only trick is you need to cut off the ICGS tabs off the bottom bracket with a grinder....and also use a mini mini chainring since chain stay intrusion is an issue with the larger rings.

            We are selling this complete ebike on the webstite this month for a ridiculous $3400 (this is a $3000 retail bike...just for the bike). see it here

            Also we are offering a sweet deal on the bare bike for forum members with over 100 posts details here
            Click image for larger version

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            • FolsomRider
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              That is a sweet rig. Love to see that setup fit on a 29'er!

            • backdoc01
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              I do not know if this is still being monitored. I have this exact bike and would like to install the kit. I am not sure the BB kit that I will need to buy to make this work. (PF30 BB30 PF41) In one of your youtube videos you said you had to machine some parts to make the motor fit. Do you sell them for this model?

            • paxtana
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              Measure the bottom bracket. It is likely pf30 but you should check that sort of thing as it can vary across model years.

            1997 GT LTS-1 with BBSHD. Maybe not the best geometry anymore for hardcore downhill, but plenty of room for battery. Best cruiser ever. Surly bars and Brooks saddle.

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            • sladd
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              Peter - do you know where you saw this? I'm thinking about doing a similar build on my 1997 GT LTS and wanted to see more about this build particularly clearance on the rear fork, looks like it may be tight, but not sure. Sladd
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            • sladd
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              do you have any pictures of the fitment of the motor, which size is it 73mm?

            2014 Giant Trance 3 Large Frame 27.5 Wheels BBSHD 13.5 Shark Pack (mounted upside down with one allen bolt in bottle cage holder (plus the two rubber cradle feet) and velcro strap. This allows battery cradle and battery to rotate in order to remove the battery).

            Build Thread:

            Click image for larger version

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            • Rodney64
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              Nice, did you have the bike first of did you buy the battery and then find a bike. Where did you purchase the rubber feet and cradle straps.

            • Jackson
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              I had the battery on a hard tail cargo bike. I then bought the bike hoping it would fit. Before the build, the battery itself fit fine - but when I went to install the cradle/battery, there were two cable tie downs that I had to use a hacksaw to cut off from the frame. I was able to get the battery in the frame but I could not remove the battery from the cradle. Fortunately, upside down with one bolt and rotating the cradle work! The cradle rubber feet come standard with the sharkpack. The 12" velcro strap is from REI. I'm so glad it fits - and it's pretty secure (even after bombing down on some single track). I just don't know if the reverse orientation is bad for the battery since it wasn't designed to be carried in this orientation

            so is the shark battery pack the only one that will fit in the triangle? seems they are only 52V my local shop told me to use a 48v becuase a 52 will voice the warranty of the erad system they are installing


              I think there should also be a list of bikes that will not fit a shark in the center triangle. Just bought a 2002Jamis Dakar. Sz 15. No shark for this bike


              • Dave mc
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                my motebecane fantom will not either, but I much prefer the back pack or the mini under the seat

              does anyone tried fitting the battery on small - medium fullsus frame?


                This is my bike guys

                2009 Specialized Enduro Expert Comp BB is a 73mm threaded BB.
                Size large
                52 volt 13.5ah Battery

                Click image for larger version

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                  Very nice,

                  Could you include some close ups of how you managed the cables, especially around motor and handlebars. Good cable management really adds to the appearance of a bike. I suck at it :(
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                  • Rodney64
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                    I tend to too.

                  Just finished this build on an 2015 Salsa Bucksaw, size XL... click here for my build thread:


                  • Ponyo
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                    Hello Philly, awesome conversion, i have been searching for a FS Fatbike to convert long time and the Bucksaw looks ideal.

                    I am 184cm tall, i got a Giant Trance 2008 size L with a BBS02 and 16.7 ah sharkpack.

                    I am afraid the XL would be too big for me, do you have any idea if i will be able to mount a sharkpack on the 2015/2016/2017 L frame?

                    I have not been able to sample / test drive an L, only an M available where i live so i am looking on the internet for more offers.

                    Any thoughts on the carbon version, is it conversion / bbshd friendly?

                    Did you try the bike with 29'' or 27,5'' + wheels?