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A List of Full Suspension bikes that a Shark Pack will fit on the downtube ( PICTORIAL)

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    2007 Trek Fuel EX9

    Build thread here:

    Click image for larger version

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      Hello I have never built a conversion before. I want to convert a 2010 Trek ex9 and would like to chat with with skymon about some technical issue I don't understand. Tim


      • Rodney64
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        Tim, Perhaps send him a private message.

      • skymon
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        Hey Tim. Saw your post. Ask away!
        (I looked it up and there are some differences between the 2007 and the 2010 but I'll help where I can.

      2003 Trek Fuel 90, plenty of room inside the triangle for a good sized pack, in this case a 52v 13.5ah one. It had a 73mm BB but the 68mm BBSHD kit fit nicely with one thin spacer and 42T Bling Ring, just cleared the chainstay right where I wanted it, the chainline is good on the 4th cog of the 9 speed. Frame is a 17" size and as you can see the frame has more than enough room for a Hailong (Shark) pack. Bike is a blast to ride both on the street and off road road too.
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        2007 trek fuel ex9


          05 Giant Trance 3 large with the big shark Click image for larger version  Name:	P1000706.JPG Views:	1 Size:	431.0 KB ID:	46974

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            Looks nice, good FS frames with a fairly large triangle are great to use, you can find them for a decent price and they are modern enough to ride really well, I love mine.

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            Quite right and TY


          I've bought a Canyon Torque FRX Rockzone that i would like to convert. The bottom bracket is 65mm. Do anyone know if i can use spacers to make a BBSHD 68mm fit?



          Does this count?? :)

          2011 Specialized Epic Fsr Comp frame M

          Build Thread Here

          Click image for larger version

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            2009 Giant Anthem 3, Medium BBSHD, 52 Volt 13.5ah Shark Pack, 68mm BB so an exerlent bike it convert.

            Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG_20180110_122103-min.jpg Views:	1 Size:	1.30 MB ID:	55692


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              That looks like a great ride, I broke out my BBSHD equipped full suspension bike for a few days, suspension feels good after riding my hard tail bikes a lot, like riding on a cloud. You'll enjoy that one and it looks like you could get an even bigger battery in there if you wanted to someday.

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              what's that zip tie under the battery supports?

            Hi all, I'm new here. I'm hoping for some help from Rodney64, since he has almost the same bike I'm thinking of converting. I have a 2008 Specialized Stumpjumper FSR Comp.

            I've got some questions.
            1) did you use the Standard 68-73mm BB size BBSHD? My bottom bracket measures 73 mm like yours.
            2) did you have issues with the BBSHD clearing the chain stays? Did you need spacers?
            3) what chain ring did you use? I'm wondering about getting a good chain line, and being able to use the largest sprocket on the rear. Mine is only 34 teeth, and I'm worried about mountain hill climbing ability here in Boulder, Colorado. I'm wondering how much offset can be supported on these frames to improve the chainline.
            4) are you still using your Shark Pack and are you happy with that? I'm looking at the Shark Pack and the new Wolf Packs.

            I so very much appreciate anything you can tell me. I'm completely new at this--this will be my first attempt to do an e-bike conversion.



              My giant nrs 2004 with a normal shark pack.
              Medium size


                This is a 2016 Rocky Mountain Sherpa, Size L. By measurements, it was a close fit so I would recommend at least a L or above size. I have just moved the battery from the top bar to the triangle and will update with a photo once I get one.
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                  Mongoose XR Pro, BBSHD with Shark battery, Luna Eclipse chain ring, Shimano hydraulic brakes with floating rotors, and air rear shock


                    Originally posted by Rodney64 View Post
                    2009 Giant Anthem 3, Medium BBSHD, 52 Volt 13.5ah Shark Pack, 68mm BB so an exerlent bike it convert.
                    How much do do you have when you take off the battery. Wondering if a small anthem will fit that battery. I suspect not since it needs to slide up to come off the bike.

                    Great ride. I hope to upgrade to an anthem this spring from my Cannondale.


                      What do you think about he Jamis Dakar A2? Will the battery fit?


                        Here's my 2005 (?) Specialized S-Works Epic. Fits a jumbo shark battery (14S5P, 14.8Ah) no problem. Also has a good downtube angle so the motor doesn't hang lower than the chain ring.

                        40lb without battery, 49.2lb with battery.
                        68mm bb, needed minimal spacers to clear chainstay.
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