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A List of Full Suspension bikes that a Shark Pack will fit on the downtube ( PICTORIAL)

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    Here is a pic of my completed 2016 Trek Fuel Ex7 large frame conversion. 29er wheels, 48T Eclipse ring, 11/42 10S cassette, hydraulic dropper seat post, BBSHD, 20.5 ah 52V battery, shift and brake sensors.
    I use a long strap (visible in picture) to pull the battery forward inside the triangle away from shock. I used the hose clamp method to secure the motor to the downtube because the commercially available torque arms/stabilizers all lowered the motor slightly and were visible. Hose clamps are hard to see, cheap, work fine and allow max ground clearance. Ground clearance is always an issue with these curved downtubes.
    This is my fourth and final build. It is my third full suspension build following a Giant NRS 2 and Kona King Kickapoo. The Giant and the Kona were good but had 26 inch tires and were not nearly as plush on the rear suspension. This thing is like a couch when shock is set full open and reasonably stiff when set to hard. Absolutely perfect for my purpose. I am finally happy. The goal was to make a fast, long range, comfortable commuter that has the ability to go almost anywhere. The tall stem extender allows a completely straight up riding position. It does reduce performance on jumping and aggressive single track but that is a small portion of my riding. I may install a wider range cassette but my area is flat so acceleration and climbing ability are ok for now with 42T gear.
    Range is about 50km with aggressive above 40Kmh speeds and close to 100km using pedal assist only and keeping speeds around 32Kmh or lower.
    Top speed is about 65Kmh.
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