This post is to put all the bbshd and bbs02 bikes with documented build threads in one place.

For full suspension bikes with a Shark battery pack see this post here.

This post is a sort of Table of Contents for the rest of the thread. The thread itself is a kind of shortcut to the comprehensive build reports found elsewhere on the forums. The bikes are listed in the order they were added to this post.

Note that all posts here are in the same format with a simple description , a photo and a link to the build thread.

All posts in this thread WILL BE EDITED or MODIFIED if they are not in this format.

Donor Bike Conversion Kit Battery Appx. Cost Build Link ?
Cannondale Hooligan BBS02 48v 10ah 26F $1500 Yes
Gravity Fat Bike BBSHD 52v 11.5 ah Panasonic PF $2690 Yes
Diamondback 29'er Overdrive BBS02 52v 11.5 Shark Yes
Motobecane Boris X7 BBSHD 52v 11.5 Shark $2250 Yes
Gravity Dead Eye Monster BBSHD 48v 14ah Shark $2400 Yes
Electra Cruiser BBSHD Rack Mount Slim Line Yes
Motobecane Lurch BBSHD 52v 13.5ah Shark Yes
Townie 2016 BBS02 48v Carbon Shark Yes
Specialized Comp Disc FSR BBSHD 52v 11.5 PF $1260+Bike Yes
Motobecane Boris Brut BBSHD = to 52v 11.5 Shark Yes
Motobecane Sturgis Bullet BBSHD 52v 20ah PF Triangle Yes
Specialized Roll Comp BBS02 52v 7ah GA Mighty Mini Yes
Electra Lux Fat BBSHD Yes
Motobecane HT529 BBSHD Yes
Trek 8.6 DS BBS02 52v 13.5 Shark Yes
Norco Indie BBS02 Yes
Intense Esocom BBSHD 48v 20ah Yes
Turner 08 BBSHD 52v 13.5ah Shark Yes
Giant Stance 2 BBSHD 52v Shark $2715 Yes
Diamondback Haanjo Hybrid BBSHD 52v Dolphin Yes
Diamondback Overdrive Sport 27.5 BBSHD 52v 20ah Yes
Genesis 2100 BBSHD 52v 14ah $2000 Yes
Trek Hybrid UAV-1 BBSHD 52V 11.5ah Bottle Yes
Kona Splice BBS02 52V 11.5ah Soft Yes
Rocky Mountain Element 50 BBSHD 52V 13.5ah GA Shark $3215 Yes
Rocky Mountain (unknown model) BBSHD Shark (unknown type) Yes
Motobecane Elite Adventure BBS02 52V 11.5 PF Shark $1600 Yes
KTM Tornado Trike BBSHD 52V 11.5ah Yes
Giant ATX 880 BBSHD 52V 17ah Triangle Yes
Giant Momentum Fat Bike BBSHD 48V 20ah PF Triangle Yes
Giant XTC BBSHD Carbon Shark Yes
GT Zaskar Comp29'r BBSHD 52V 11.5 Dolphin Yes
Motobecane Fantom 29 BBSHD 48V 13.5 GA Shark $2247 Yes
Kona Lanai BBS02 52V 24ah Triangle Yes
Montague Urban Folder BBSHD 52V 13.5ah Shark $2640 Yes
Gravity Bullseye Monster BBSHD 120mm 52V 13.5ah Shark $2063 Yes
Specialized Myka Sport BBS02 52V 13.5ah SlimLine Yes
SE Big Mountain 24 29'r BBS02 52V 13.5ah GA Shark $1591 Yes
Motobecane HAL5 BBSHD Yes
Fuji Nevada 29'r BBS02 52V 11.5ah Bottle $2306 Yes
Commensal Meta 5.5 BBSHD (2) 52V 6ah Mighty Mini Yes
Raleigh Venture 3.0 BBS02 Bottle (unknown type) Yes
Framed Alaskan Alloy BBSHD 52V 6ah Mighty Mini 30Q $1900 Yes
Diamondback Asent EX BBSHD 52V 13.5ah Dolphin Yes
Specialized Rockhopper BBSHD 52V 13.5ah Carbon Shark $1800 Yes
Tern Electronode Cargo BBSHD 52V 11.5ah $3000 Yes
Haro Astoria Hybrid BBS02 48V 13.5ah Shark Yes
Kona Splice BBS02 11.5 Panasonic PF $2300 Yes
Gravity Monster Pro BBSHD 52V 14ah Triangle Yes
Montague Folding BBSHD 52V 11.5ah PF Yes
Gravity Bullseye Monster LTD BBSHD 52V 13.5ah Shark Yes
GT Avalanche 2.0 BBSHD 52V 13.5ah Shark Yes
Specialized Rockhopper 29 Comp BBSHD 52V 10.5ah Shark $1498 Yes
Scott Spark 720+ BBSHD Yes
Santa Cruz Nomad BBSHD Yes
Giant Stance 2 BBSHD 52V 14ah Shark $2350 Yes
Specialized Crosstrail Disc BBS02 52V 14ah Shark Yes
Charge Cooker BBSHD 52v Dolphin $2590 Yes
Diamondback Wildwood BBS02 48V 14 Rack $1150 Yes
Diamondback Overdrive BBS02 Carbon Shark $1600 Yes
Sikk SS Cruiser BBSHD 52V 17ah Aftermarket Yes
Rocky Mountain Equipe BBSHD 52V 13.5ah Carbon Shark $1464 Yes
Specialized Fuse Comp BBSHD 52V 14ah Shark Yes
Rocky Mt RM7 DH BBSHD 52V Shark Yes
Cannondale F4 Caffeine BBSHD 52V Carbon Shark Yes
Giant Trance (2009) BBSHD 52V 13.5ah Bottle $1520 Yes
Giant Trance (2014) BBSHD 52V Shark Yes
Jamis Dakota MTB BBSHD 52V Shark
Minnesota 2.0 Fat Bike 18 inch BBSHD 100mm 48 volt Yes
Motobecane Night Train Bullet BBSHD 120mm Yes
Motobecane 29+ X5 BBSHD 100mm Yes
Surly Pugsley (small) BBSHD 100mm Yes
Electra Moto BBS02 Yes
Specialized 2017 Roll Elite (L) BBSHD Yes
Specialized Myka Ladies BBSHD (68-73 bb) Yes
Dahon Jetstream FS Folder BBS02 52v mighty mini Yes
2013 Trek Marlin BBSHD 52 Shark $1,733.83 Yes
Electra Lux Fat 7D BBSHD Shark yes
Sun EX-3 USX-HD trike BBSHD 52 V 24Ah Triangle pack $ 3,475 yes
Marin Muirwoods BBS02 $1050 Yes
Northrock cruiser BBSHD Luna Wolf Link
Framed Alaskan BBSHD Luna Wolf Link