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2015 Kona Lanai BBS02

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    2015 Kona Lanai BBS02

    Lenny the BBS02

    I have a few different mountain and road bikes, but I was looking for something that would really go the distance. My ultimate goal was up to 30 miles into the city, cruise a bit and back on a single charge. Maybe top it off a bit at a cafe or my friends place.

    The Kona Lai'nai was bought for a family member and it only collected dust. It was bulky, a bit heavy for cross country, and never saw a lot of downhill use. It has 27.5 wheels, a 180mm disc brake rotor, cable brakes, looked perfect for a donor and new life.

    I went with the BBS02 kit, from lunacycles, and one of the biggest triangle batteries offered. 52v 24ah 18650 GE cells, it really boasted serious range and power.

    I got the kit within a week, dropped everything and from the second it was on my doorstep and like a madman, started hacking the bike apart.

    One trip to the local bike store and $30 to remove the BB and get a master chain link.

    The BBS02 would not fit, even with force, so I broke out the dremel and started making metal flakes. The motor slid right in.

    The install was predictable. I had a scare when the triangle battery wouldn't fit the frame. I took measurements, but who am I, Isosceles? Trying to figure those angles. I coaxed it in. Its a tight fit.

    I am using the bafang brake on the left, kind of like a clutch when I want to shift. I got the Lekkie ring, and everything is very smooth. 8 ring shimano in the rear. I crimped the pigtail with some home depot connectors, and was ready to ride.

    I hit the throttle and the rear wheel spun up. Its alive!

    I rode it for over 100 miles as soon as the rain stopped. The first trip I really wanted to see what it could do, and everything felt solid and smooth. At only PAS level 2 for 50 miles or so the battery dropped from 80 percent to 30 percent. 4 hours of charging got it to 90% and I was ready for another ride. I zipped up hills near my house at 20mph, and it appeared to be using 10amps plus a little pedaling with no issues.
    I have gone over 500 miles, and besides my rear tire tread disappearing, everything has been awesome.
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