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Cyclone 3000W on Sikk fat bike with custom AL-plastic battery box

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    The battery is larger Capacity, do you need two 6s lipo battery in series ? How long can it run ? And how long to charger full it ?


    Does the Cyclone have a kit that fits the 120mm BB like this build here? Looking on the Luna website they only show kits for up to 110mm. Can anyone clarify this for me?


      The 120mm version is available on Cyclone site:

      I used the 110mm from Luna on the Sikk. The spindle was short on the left side, but the crank still cleared the frame. It's working OK for me but YMMV.


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        Could you cut the Bottom Bracket down some on the right side? How is the chainline with your current setup?

      The chainline with my current setup is spot-on. I don't have a picture but it looks very good to me. I think if you cut the BB on the right side, the chainline would be set off a bit.


        How do you charge that battery? What is your charging setup?


          I'm using an adjustable Meanwell and a timer to charge. It lets me set the voltage to 49.2V (4.1V/cell) or 50.4V (4.2V/cell) depending on my range needs. I usually charge to 4.1V/cell, but when I need the extra range or when I want to balance I turn it up to 4.2V/cell.

          I also have a watt meter in line with the Meanwell. I can see the charge current and it lets me know when the current starts to taper off at the end of the charge.