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BBSHD on 2006 Rocky Mountain Element 50

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    BBSHD on 2006 Rocky Mountain Element 50

    Here is a brief story of the build of my Rocky mountain bike with BBSHD. I had an ebike from 2011 to 2015. it had only front suspension and it was a rear hub motor. It was nice but i broke rear wheel 2 times because hard impact. I had to take care about bumps and that annoying me. So i decided to sell the bike and go for my new project, ebike 2.0!

    I bought early in 2015 a brand new Giant Trance 27.5. I checked everything that could be the perfect bike except the most important thing (now i know!), the bottom bracket. I choose Giant because it's a big name and i said that they should be standard on all aspects for the kit. But i learned, since around 2012, Giant changed the standard BB for a 92mm pressfit. OMG! I realized i cannot build my ebike, Unfortunately i sold it (and loss 800$ CAD). Then my project started from zero. The other thing that i did not expected that could be a little bit problematic is Giant had a curved downtube. that means the clearance of the BBSHD from the ground would be less then a straight downtube.

    After a lot of searches i found that Rocky mountain bike before 2012 could be a very good candidate. Mine is a 2006. It have double suspension, hydraulic brakes. Everything was easy to install. Here is a list of what it cost to me until now (prices are in CAD$)
    2006 Rocky Mountain Element 50 (used) 950.00 $
    kit ebike Luna cycles BBSHD 2 081.84 $
    customs 173.60 $
    bracket rear derailleur 45.98 $
    derailleur cable, alignment 21.55 $
    chain, tube 70.91 $
    selling ebike 1.0 - 500.00 $
    mud guard 27.58 $
    2 continental tires 94.25 $
    adjustement 25.00 $
    change derailleur cable, position gear sensor, changed 1 spoke 42.52 $
    Luna cycle eclipse chain ring aluminum 155.14 $
    Luna cycle eclipse chain ring spacer (2) 26.83 $
    Grand Total (CAD$) 3 215.20 $
    The kit i bought from Luna cycles includes this:

    (Bottom Bracket Size: 68-73mm (Standard), Choose Your
    ChainRing: FREE UPGRADE: Luna Aluminum Chain Ring Adapter
    With 42T
    Sprocket, Display Options: Luna Full Color Display $45.00,
    Choices: Black Luna Right Twist Throttle $12.00, Add a Gear
    Sensor: Mid
    Drive Gear Sensor for Derailers $49.95, Add of Pair of
    Hydraulic Brake
    Sensors (Kit comes with ebrake hand grips): Magnetic sensors
    to use your
    own brake levers $15.00, Optional Programming Cable: Bafang
    Cable $19.95, Make it a kit by adding a top grade battery:
    52v Shark
    Panasonic GA 13.5ah $545.95, Add a 5.5mm Smart Charger for
    your Battery
    (not included): 52V Advanced 300W Luna Charger

    Here is the beast :-)
    Click image for larger version

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    Installation was almost easy. Due to the hydraulic brakes, i had to bought the hydraulic brake sensor kit. I had difficulty to adjust the magnets for the perfect brake control. The play to a good adjustment is too small, making hard to adjust very well. Finally the rear brake is adjusted correctly but the front brake sensor is unplugged due to problem of adjustments.

    The gear sensor work fine. But for now my rear shock have to be replaced and give big movement on the bike that active the gear sensor and it stop the motor, so the gear sensor is unplugged until i repair the rear shock.

    For the motor itself, i added a steel plate that link the motor and the seat stay. I did not bought the tool to tighten the motor on the BB (maybe i should?). I was able to tighten it anyway. But after several trial, i realized the motor begin to move back and forth. To avoid overtighten, i installed the plate and then nothing can move. See next picture.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_4736.JPG
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    I placed also a piece of wood between the motor and the downtube, an extra precaution to avoid any movement of the motor and to avoid damage on the downtube. (On my first trials motor moved up to downtube and it did a bump on it...)

    Next step i will install the Luna eclipse chainring, but i have to install spacers due to conflict with chainring and the chain stay. I ordered 2 spacers, but maybe i only need one, i don't take chance to wait another 2 weeks of delivery ;-)

    Here is some pics of BB of the bike:
    Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_4711.JPG
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ID:	15088 Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_4712.JPG
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    I commute with the bike everyday, 50km. One thing i did not expected with this bike, is to be in very good shape, even if i use the pedal assist! My first ebike was only twist throttle and the bike was geared the way i could not help it. With this bike, i'm always pedaling and my challenge is to use the less of wattage as possible, so day after day, i do exercice and i like it. I fueled my car on july 8th, and the next fuel was on august 18th, all this because i commute with the bike mostly everyday.

    Now the summer vacation is ending and the traffic will grow up in the next weeks. Maybe in 2 weeks it will take less time to go to work with my ebike than going with my car. Same thing for evening return. You can't imagine how fun i have to pedaling at 50km/h while there is kilometers of cars waiting the green light to move... priceless.

    Hoping my report help you in your project and don't hesitate to email me if you have any question.

    Last thing, my top speed with a good wind in my back and the stock bafanf 42T chainring is 68.6km/h :-) (42.6m/h)

    Click image for larger version

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    Hey man nice build!!
    That model bike is one I've been looking at actually. I was curious, did you happen to measure for a Killer Whale battery before buying the shark? I'm asking because the Whale is what I have and it looks like it might actually fit.

    Oh yah one more thing,... What size is your bike? I believe they came in S,M,L,XL
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      Hi! i did not check for the killer whale but if you look the battery on the bike, there is still room for longer battery, maybe the killer whale? The bike is a medium. For the Luna eclipse chainring i had to use 2 spacers, and i had to order longer M5 bolts (25mm).