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BBSHD On 98 Specialized Full Suspension (FSR)

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    BBSHD On 98 Specialized Full Suspension (FSR)

    Old bike and old legs not riding in dirt anymore but what a blast on the street and paved trails. Got the bbshd, Luna 42 chainring,full color display,thumb throttle and rear rack 52V battery from Luna.
    Off with the dirt tires and got some Schwalbe e-bike tires.
    I was going to get xt60 connectors for the battery/motor connection but then found some Traxxas radio control car connectors I had and they make a nice tight connection.
    Used an Arkel Randonneur rear rack as it clamps to seat post and seat rails as opposed to clamping only to seat post. (It looked like I might have to use an Old Man Mountain rack but I got it worked out).

    Had a hard time getting the screws into the bbshd. Luna told me it's possible that the motor case is threaded wrong but it's probably paint oversprayed into the threads. It was paint so I had to tighten the screws a little bit at a time and back them off and tighten again until they all went in.
    Had to lock out the 3 largest gears on rear cassette until my Luna eclipse chaining got shipped to me. With the Eclipse and 1 spacer I can use all gears and what a nice looking chainring!
    The biggest problem to work out was how to stabilize the rear rack with the heavy battery. 2 metal pieces from Home Depot (wrapped in black tape for aesthetics) do a god job. I wouldn't want to ride
    This set up off-road as its unbalanced but it's working fine for street use.

    Click image for larger version

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    Nice to see some of the older frames apearing.


      man that eclipse looks good on that bike :) it looks like you might be able to mount a shark under the downtube ...or is that considered a top tube :)