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(EXTENDED) $50 Store Credit for GOOD build reports: Here is how you get them

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    (EXTENDED) $50 Store Credit for GOOD build reports: Here is how you get them

    We have extended the luna cycle $50 store credit for build reports.

    Here is what you need to do to qualitfy
    • You bought your kit from Luna Cycle
    • Your build credit is real effort with good writing and origianl least 3 paragraphs.
    • try to document also your shopping list to build the bike and list it in the build report
    After you write your build report write

    If you make a good effort and make a good report you will get the 50 bucks :) Please post a quality report.

    Thank you so much guys.... i really appreciate you not only being a customer, but sharing your creations with us for future builders to benefit.

    I am super proud of what is happening here..... this section of the forum is so crucial i think...because others can see what frames will work etc....and what headaches they might come across.

    Also for new members who have posted worthy build reports please PM or email me your name your account so you can also get your store credit :)


    The 50 dollar store credit deal has been extended, for quality build build thread per customer :)


      Here is my first build - Salsa 29er donor (thank you kson Jeff) with BBSHD, 52v Panasonic 13.5ah Shark Pack, Luna Eclipse 42T Chain Ring (better chainline), Shimano Hydraulic Disc Brake Set (built in cutoff switches), GearSensor and recently added (not pictured) 52v Mighty Mini Cube as a "reserve". Of course, all parts from Luna!

      Bike weighs about 51 pounds (donor was around 29 pounds) and is awesome to ride. Very easy kit installation. Most of the time I spent was making the wiring clean looking.

      Have ridden around 150 miles mostly testing battery range versus pedal assist. Here is a ride I did last Thursday:
      - 48 miles
      - 4,100 feet of climbing (several 22%+ sections)
      - 16.2 mph average speed
      - About 20% left on the battery after ride.....................WOW!!!
      Pedal assist at level 1 or 2 except for the steep stuff at level 4 plus a bit of throttle at times....

      I have yet to test range of the Mighty Mini - maybe tomorrow.
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        Second build - 1992 Santana Noventa tandem with BBS02. The HD would not clear the timing chainring. Had to sacrifice drop bars for flat ones due to need for brake levers with motor cutoff. GearSensor, 52v around 12ah battery.