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How to Build a (BBSHD) Ebike From Scratch.

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    How to Build a (BBSHD) Ebike From Scratch.

    Not so long ago, via the product availability thread, Luna was kind enough to let me buy into a very limited supply of new-production Wolf packs. This let me add one to a frame-up build where that frame had the very weird characteristic that it was a perfect fit for a Wolf pack and very little else. I mean, like totally perfect, as in the perfection extended to the 13.5ah size of the pack matching the kind of use I wanted to put the bike.

    Donor frame was a 1999 (!) Intense Tracer in super condition that I got cheap (about $200) on Fleabay. Motor is a Luna-sourced BBSHD, along with other bits from my parts pile and pieces from all over the internet. Bike came out fantastic and for its maiden voyage it got stuffed into the back of my car and spent a full week riding daily around the South Rim of the Grand Canyon.

    The reason I'm posting here is I also used this build to finish a project I have been wanting to do for a long time, but needed a build to do it with. This series:

    How To Build An Ebike From Scratch

    It has 11 parts and ended up weighing in at around 41,000 words. I am only mentioning it here now because I've finally (almost) finished publishing it. It covers planning, project management, component choice and the down/dirty of assembly, including motor assembly tips for the BBSHD that mean it never shifts or moves. The last installment - finished and publishing on a schedule next week - covers fixing and changing the typical stuff you screw up on when you actually ride the thing and know what works instead of just thinking you know what should work. Stem length, handlebar width, gearing etc.

    I call the bike the Apostate, because it is a mountain bike, but set up for the street. That includes a suspension dropper on a FS frame.

    An apostate is sort of like a heretic... but worse :D

    The straps aren't there to hide the logo on the pack. I have no problem representing, but this 22-year-old alloy frame with rivnutted bottle bosses did not inspire confidence insofar as the battery mount was concerned. Later on I locked it down further with the hose clamp slots in the Wolf pack's base.

    I rode 1-2x every day for a week. No power at the campsite but thats ok I generated my own.