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- VIDEO - Bafang BBSHD on a light BMC-Freeride-Bike

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    - VIDEO - Bafang BBSHD on a light BMC-Freeride-Bike

    Hello Friendos, im Föppel from Europe.
    This will be more a Ride-Report than a how to build Review.
    Reasones are, that the mounting of the BBSHD could not be much easyer... i did some mistakes, you easly can avoid, and i will write on that later...

    But First, to the much more interesting thing, the feeling, behave and impressions of that Motor on on 14kg BMC-Freeride Bike.

    Not sure if this works in english too, but where i come from, we say; A Picture tells more than 1000 Words... and i guess a video will tell you even more about that motor, and the Fun you can have with that kit at 1500w max.

    Here a old Foto of the Bike with the "old" BBS02-kit installed.

    Dont know the Name of the BMC-Freeride Frame, i guess its a Model from 2011 or 2010. If it Matter for someone, i can find the exact nam

    will write some more about what i did wrong at installation time, whats possible and whats the Limits of that Motor, and also my toughts about riding-style, relatet to the Setup on that Bike.


    Hey the video is private...please set it to public so we can see it :)


      That's neat!

      Cool video style, smooth and speedy, interesting camera perspective. It was fun to watch.

      Also, even with the music ( good tune IMO), your video gives a pretty good indication of the motor sound. The mic picked it up well, with no wind noise. Set the music for a normal listening level, you can barely hear the motor. Realistic.
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