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Gravity BullseyeMonster LTD with BBHSD and 52V 13.5 ah Panasonic Shark Pack

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    It would be nice if we could find someone that sells the 110mm BBSHD kit.......looks like that would work for a bunch of people.


      Originally posted by Downshift100 View Post
      It would be nice if we could find someone that sells the 110mm BBSHD kit.......looks like that would work for a bunch of people.
      I'm almost positive Luna has sold them in the past. IDK why it is not a more popular choice.


        Another 10mm isn't enough to bother me. I put the 100mm BBSHD on my fat bike with 100mm BB and after spacing it so that the secondary reduction gear housing is just barely clearing the chainstay (190mm rear), there was barely enough threads to secure it in the BB. Enough, but barely.

        I was looking at it thinking that if I had gone with the 120mm.... What's the big deal? Another 20mm on the left? So what? It would have actually made the crank better centered and as it is I'm considering a crank with more offset for the left hand side....

        If I had to do it over I'd go with the larger one. Next build I will. 20mm just isn't that much even if the 100mm would cut it.


        • Downshift100
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          You're right, I have a fat bike and the bottom bracket size is 103mm and I was thinking I could buy the 100mm HD and just leave off the outer black ring, but I just got an email back from Scott at Luna Cycle and he said that the 100mm definately wouldn't work. The 120mm HD kit is the way to go, there will be more play room and I can build it up with spacers.
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        • Poco Askew
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          Yep - agreed. Not the end of the world.
          Still, it seems like the 110mm should/could/would be as popular as the 120mm. In my case, the 110mm would let me get both nuts on and still move it over for near perfect pedal centering as well as chainline. With the 120mm, I will still be able to center the pedals, but they will be 10mm farther apart, and with the 42T ring the chainline probably won't be quite as good.
          I guess the logic is, people who want 110mm can use the 120mm, but people who actually need the 120mm can't use the 110mm.

        Hey motoray, I live here in Bend and recently bought the same bicycle and want to convert it. Any chance I might be able to check yours out ?
        Adam Tate


          Quick question for anyone with this Bullseye Monster LTD frame. Would it be cheaper to buy the complete bike for $600 and then replace the many parts you do not want (which is almost everything) or buy the bare naked Frame for $209, and then install the parts I actually do want? I want to build the bike without the derailer or a premade battery and fully DIY it myself. The below video shows you exactly what I want to build with a few tweaks.