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BBS02 - 52v GA Luna Shark Pack - Lekkie Ring on SE Big Mountain 24 29er Bike

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    BBS02 - 52v GA Luna Shark Pack - Lekkie Ring on SE Big Mountain 24 29er Bike

    SE Big Mountain 24 29er Bike - BBS02 - 52v GA Luna Shark Pack

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    SE Big Mountain 24 (SE Bikes is owned by Fuji) -

    Got lucky, found a local bike shop selling the bike new for $380 tax incl.

    Luna Kit
    Bafang BBS02 750w Mid Drive KIT $499.99
    Luna Full Color Display $45.00
    Left Thumb Throttle $7.50
    Shark 52v GA 13.5ah $495.95
    52v 3amp Lithium Charger $30.00
    Lekkie Chainring: Blue $89.00 (Considered required for hills in my area)
    Bike (Tax Incl) $380
    Luna Subtotal: $1,167.40
    Luna Shipping: $30.00
    Luna CA Sales Tax: $93.39

    Grand Total: $1,590.79 USD

    Temperature Probe $6
    Chain Guard $10
    Upgraded saddle / Seat Cushion - Grabbed a comfy saddle I got from a co-worker that's intended for a comfort or city-style bike. Otherwise, my range would not be limited by my battery -- but rather limited by how much discomfort my rear end could take. Having the comfort saddle on makes a world of difference.

    Tools / Supplies
    Bottom Bracket Remover BBT-22 $18
    BIKEHAND Bike Bicycle Repair Tool Kit $50

    Blitzu Gator 320 POWERFUL Bicycle Headlight $27
    Blitzu Cyborg 168T USB Rechargeable Bicycle Tail Light. $19
    BV Bicycle Medium Y-Series Strap-On Saddle Bag, Seat Pak Pouch $16

    Misc (Hardware store... Had these around or picket them up.. Harbor Freight is a great source)
    RTV Clear Silicone $6
    Blue Loctite $6
    Moly-Graph grease $6 (Packed extra into secondary reduction)
    White Lithium Grease (Had on hand for nylon gear)
    Pipe Wrench (In lieu of a Spanner wrench for internal locknut on motor)
    WD-40 (Remove handle grips)
    Copper Crimp Sleeves
    Heat Shrink / Heat Gun
    Electric Tape

    Wire Stripper/Crimper
    Lots of 12" Zip Ties

    For future use:
    Mobil28 $28
    XT-60 pigtails $7

    I wanted a bike I could commute with as well as have fun with at the beach or on an occasional trail. Primary motivation is for commuting 9 miles each way to/from work. The trip to work contains about +400ft elevation change over the course of the ride. Not too bad, but it’s hard to get motivated to do that ride after a 6AM lift at the gym. Being a road bike owner already, I wanted the ability to go off f the pavement when it looks inviting.

    Found a local bike shop through ads they had placed on craigslist. I knew I wanted a standard bottom bracket, front shocks, mechanical disc brakes (for ease of engine cut-off), 29” tires (So I can roll over road hazards and manage pot holes). What the dealer pointed out to me was that having a tapered head tube on the bike also ensured future compatibility with upgraded forks. This bike happened to have that feature. Shout out to ZipBee Bikes in San Diego!

    Bottom Bracket Removal
    Had the most anxiety heading into this. The non-drive side BB cap came out just fine. However, I temporarily got stuck stripping the cap on the drive side using the BB Removal tool that was included in the Bikehand kit. The Park Tool BB remover that I grabbed from REI saved the day. I had much better-squared teeth that got into the BB cap deeper and more flush.

    Click image for larger version

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    The Park Tool BBT-22 got the stripped BB cap out in a snap!

    I went BBS02. I prefer range over the extra potential top speed and power.. plus this is my first powered thing on two wheels and I should ease into this form of transport. We'll see in 6 months if I wish I went BBSHD.

    No issues getting this baby mounted in the bracket. The BIKEHAND kit has a luna-like wrench that allowed me to get the retaining cap on quite tightly. Reading through the forums and posts on, I knew I was going to want to apply some lithium grease to the Helical drive shaft gear & Nylon Reduction Gear along with packing in some extra Moly Graph grease into the secondary reduction so I went ahead and did that.

    I also took this as an opportunity to install a temperature probe. I just followed the instructions here, stretched out the grommet opening for one of the larger cables with a small hex key and finessed the big fat temperature probe right through. Nice to see I barely get the controller area above 100 while navigating the coastal hills of San Diego!

    The Mobilgrease 28 took a few extra days to arrive via Amazon but I could. Not. Wait. To ride. So I just added the molygrease and white lithium grease to where it already existed. I suppose I’ll open the thing back up around 500mi to inspect for wear / moly grease leakage into the nylon gear, then clean it out at that point and go full Mobil 28.
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    It's Arrived! Luna Kit with Bling Ring up top, Battery on bottom.

    Very pleased, although this is all I know being my first eBike. Very glad I did my research and went 52v. This morning I did about 25miles, avg speed 20mph hilly and flat city riding on PAS5 with a few (but good) spurts of throttle-only time mixed in there. There were some huge “stand up and pump it out” hills mixed in there, made it home in about an hour and a half at 20% from starting at a 90% charge. I’m 200lb and the bike isn’t the lightest to begin with. I bet I could get 30-40 miles out of it (who knows, maybe more) just cruising, taking it easy and avoiding hills.

    Battery mount:
    On the shark pack: You can definitely take the plastic casing off of the metal mount and drill holes into it in order to suit your bottle cage mount holes’ position. I grabbed some spare rubber strips from an old bike light clamp and used them as washers between the casing and bike tube.

    Click image for larger version

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    I then went ahead and siliconed one of the included rubber mount feet on the upper end of the battery mount for extra support. The battery sits in solid now. Beautiful.

    Motor / Battery connection:
    Click image for larger version

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    Copper Crimp Connector, Heat Shrink, Electrical tape for now. Switching to XT-60 when I buy a second battery mount and want to go with battery in the backpack.

    Bling Ring:
    I experienced some derailments when the motor was first installed and I was testing it out on the bike stand. This prompted me to go by REI the next day and pick up the chain watcher. However, when I am on the bike and it’s in motion, the chain never jumps nor does it seem to rely on the guard at all. I’ll take it as a nice $10 insurance policy though, and would still recommend it!

    Click image for larger version

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    No issues with the chain offset

    It’s awesome, and love the USB port option! It will keep a dead GoPro alive from my experience. The display Voltage readout is accurate under 56.0v. During the ride, I like being able to switch between viewing my battery output in either Amps or Watts depending on what my riding intentions are.
    Click image for larger version

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    But… the lines on top? I’ll contact Luna Support to see if this is a known issue or if there is something I can do to fix it… Just hoping I don’t have to send it back (and have a non functioning bike) while I wait for a solution. Click image for larger version

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    The hills of San Diego are no sweat.... literally!

    Overall conclusion

    So glad I did the research. So glad I made the purchase. I'm about 1.5 weeks / 150 miles in and it's only getting better. I can’t believe I even considered other bikes / drivetrains now that I know what I need, plus have taken time to figure out battery math and motor mechanics. I have been riding for about a week now, and feel it has taken about that much time to really figure out how to get up to speed, shift, pedal along or allow the motor to take over, etc.

    I’m very glad I went with Luna Cycles because I feel that the thing is programmed well and won’t kamikaze itself by pulling too many amps. Another plus.. I am only about 100mi away from them, so the shipping was super fast. I ordered my kit Monday morning, It was at UPS on Tuesday night and got delivered to me Wednesday. YMMV, of course.

    I really took my time, did my reading of the articles on electricbike blog and similar sites, plus have lurked the forums for months trying to learn from others' mistakes so in the end, I had no need to contact Luna support although I knew they’d be helpful based on how active they are on the message board. It says a lot and shows they share the passion. The articles and info on the product pages always guided me in the right direction whenever I was temporarily stuck on what to order for my kit or how to go about a part of the assembly process.

    Having a local REI saved me from having to wait 2 days on Amazon Prime for some specialty items that I suddenly needed, like the Chain guard and upgraded Bottom Bracket tool. Some of my local bike shops didn't have the tools that REI had stocked or were just way too overpriced.

    IMO Mid-drives are still definitely for people who like to tinker, take things apart and/or have a hobby-project.. I’m one of those people, for sure so it’s a great fit. The write-ups on the blogs plus the Forums here, electricbikereview’s YT videos as well as ES Forums are all you need… this is all truly community driven and I am glad to have become a part of it!

    In the time it took for me to get this post and the pictures together, my battery has charged back up to 80%. Time to head back out!
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    nice one! by the way what is the frame size of that bike?


    • sandiegan
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      17" Frame on this bike. Due to the aggressively slanted top tube, I had just enough room to install. Any smaller size frame for this bike and I'd be weary of having enough clearance to remove and insert the battery.

      I'm 6' / Just under 200lb.

    Nice build and good to see its in the compatible section.