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2006 Specialized Rockhopper 19 inch BBSHD with 52v carbon shark pack.

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    2006 Specialized Rockhopper 19 inch BBSHD with 52v carbon shark pack.

    Click image for larger version

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    1. My 2006 Rockhopper (Was 700 when i bought it now is worth around $150).

    2. Kit Bafang BBSHD 1000W Mid Drive Kit 68BB
    + Luna Designed 42T Chainring
    + Luna Wrench
    + Luna Full Color Display
    803.00 with shipping

    3. Battery 52v Panasonic 13.5ah Carbon Shark Pack
    + Charger
    610.95 with shipping

    4. Some new cables to replace old ones 8$.
    5. Lekkie chainring $94.42 with shipping.
    6. 2 spacers for the chainring $12.
    7. project box from ebay 2 count 12$.
    8. Switches $4.75 amazon.

    9: Shark Skin $6.99
    +XT90 Spark Resistant Connector (Set) $2.95 USD
    +XT90-S Connector set with Pigtails $5.95 USD
    $5 shipping

    Putting together the kit was pretty simple.
    1. I removed the BB and stock crank arms without any issues because i have all the necessary tools in my spin doctor kit.
    2. Then i removed the front derailer since i don't need it any more, as well as its shifter.
    This requires pulling off the grips, which wasn't much of a problem, i have have pulled them off before.
    The first time I pulled off the grips it was a pain and took like 20 minutes to do.
    3. I tried to put in the motor but realized the rear shifter cable is routed under the bike and there is a plastic guide right under the bottom bracket. I Had to cut it a bit down with a table saw. I used a table saw to produce a clean looking cut. (I don't recommend doing this because its an easy way to lose a finger).
    4. I removed the guide and installed the motor. With the motor in place I replaced the slightly cut down guide. It seems like the cable may rub a bit against the motor but i am assuming its not a huge deal for a shift cable, it doesn't move as frequently as the break cable.
    5. The cable was a bit frayed on the end so i replaced it with a new one. If your already having to disconnect it and pull it around might as well have a brand new one.
    6. Then I installed the Luna 42T Chainring. This was actually challenging because when you try to tighten the chainring spins. I found no guides to help with this problem. Later I realized that you need to first lightly tighten it till it spins, then put the chain on and it will provide the resistance needed to tighten the screws all the way.
    7. Then I installed the crank arms, I was worried before about clearance because my stock ones have a bit of a bend while the kit ones are straight. But the 68 BBSHD is much wider than the original BB so i had no clearance issues.
    8. Next I installed my battery cradle on the bottom bottle spot. The two screws went in the bottom of the cradle, which i later realized is insufficient, and the top still bounces.
    So i had to drill and add a third rivnut for the cradle. My M5 screws from that spot have a fat head that sticks out of the recesses in the cradle, I need to get flatter ones.
    11. I chose not to use the shift detector, and so i just taped that cable to the power cable maybe ill use it later. Correction: I later accidentally cut off the connector, so that's that :) I think I like manual shifting by pulling the break like a clutch.
    12. I Installed the speed detector with some zip ties, luckily i had some and they fit.
    13. I routed the main cable next to the battery along the bottom of the frame.
    14. I soldered anti spark xt90 connectors to the battery cradle and the motor. And placed them in a small 3x2x1 project box between the cradle and the seat post tube. I also soldered a couple of smaller wires on the motor side off the xt90 connector to attach accessories such as lights to and added a couple of switches to the box. Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

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    14. Then I installed the breaks with switches, throttle, control pad.
    15. The pads for the screen were too fat for my handlebar that gets fatter in the middle, i had to cut them down to get the screen installed.
    16. Then I put in the battery and did the first test with throttle, to my amazement it worked, things rarely do on the first try.

    What I realized was a mistake was buying the chainring with the kit. What you should do is install the kit with the cheapo one that it comes with
    and check the chain line, then but the chainring that has the correct setback check this thread for sizing Mine ended up way out around 60mm instead of the 43mm it should be. So i couldn't use 2 of my 9 gears. With the BBSHD its fine because it does well even with 7, but I wanted to have everything aligned so i got the Lekkie chainring. With it the chainring came too close to the frame and rubbed so i had to space is back out with a 2mm spacer, and finally i could use all the gears. I will need to sell my Luna chainring because i have no more use for it.
    Click image for larger version

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    Here are some things I wish were in the kit.
    1. Zip ties of the correct sizes.
    2. 3 flat m5 screws.
    3. Different sizes of pads for the screen mount.

    Front Pic: Click image for larger version

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    Bump not sure why my post ending up in the end of the thread.


      Nice post. I have a 2017 rockhopper I bought 6 months ago. Plan on using this as a guide for my build. Looks great. Tons of information.

      Thanks again


        My build has changed a lot since the first post ill post an update when im done with a couple of tweaks.


        • Grendelssen
          Grendelssen commented
          Editing a comment
          Greetings Mad, I have a 2015 Rockhopper I'm installing my BBSHD on currently. Would love to hear any modifications or changes you've made you yours.

        I have upgraded to a 72V ERT kit with a triangle battery. Its been loads of fun.