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How to Calculate 750W Horsepower Electric Bike Torque.

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    How to Calculate 750W Horsepower Electric Bike Torque.

    Calculating torque for an electric bike with a 750W motor involves a few different factors. Torque is a measure of the rotational force or twisting force that a motor can generate. Here's how you can calculate the torque for a 750W electric bike motor:

    Understand the Motor Specifications:
    Start by gathering information about the motor's power (750W) and its rotational speed (RPM, revolutions per minute). These specifications are usually provided by the manufacturer in the motor's documentation.

    Convert Power to Watts:
    The motor's power is already given in watts (W), so no conversion is needed.

    Determine Angular Speed:
    The angular speed is usually given in RPM. To use this in calculations, convert RPM to radians per second (rad/s) using the formula:

    Angular Speed (rad/s) = RPM * (2π / 60)

    Here, 2π is the constant representing one full revolution in radians.

    Calculate Torque:
    Torque (in newton-meters or Nm) can be calculated using the formula:

    Torque (Nm) = Power (W) / Angular Speed (rad/s)

    Keep in mind that this formula assumes 100% efficiency, which might not be the case in real-world scenarios. Efficiency losses in the motor and drivetrain can affect the actual torque delivered to the wheel.

    Conversion to Other Units:
    If you want to convert the torque to other units, such as pound-feet (lb-ft), you can use appropriate conversion factors. One newton-meter is approximately equal to 0.7376 pound-feet.

    Remember that this calculation provides the theoretical torque output of the motor under ideal conditions. In practice, there might be losses due to mechanical inefficiencies, heat generation, and other factors that can affect the actual torque applied to the bike's wheel.

    Also, keep in mind that torque alone doesn't give you the full picture of a motor's performance. The efficiency of the motor, the gearing system, and the bike's weight and aerodynamics all play a role in determining how effectively the motor can accelerate the bike and maintain speed.

    If you have access to specific manufacturer data for your motor, you can use those values directly in the calculations for the most accurate results.​

    750W = 1HP (.75kW=1HP)

    HP= T x RPM/5252 (Torque and HP are equal @5252RPM) Unit of torque is ft/lb.