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Diamonback Overdrive Sport 27.5 gets a BBSHD

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    My LBS would probably scream and throw me out if I brought an ebike in there. :)

    Matt said he would look at it, I haven't been by to see him yet. All this liquid sunshine is sure interfering with projects ebike.
    Alan B


      Click image for larger version

Name:	Wg2MHQl42iSDnSCjDM4EitU__47tB4fdwUpiJkjLCdiLzR3j-r3DiHvL1WmvK_V0-C_qkXKKUxHFdaddpcBVdiCmWB3cQnZJfDXGqwAixMaAZ9pfy4BlyFokBQcAjUx2pvvnLbEqo_f9Bah2kyCxTQ05WHWZF7UXJVXHeIwLNZwRj4z_PF8VPUyKYsk7KUWo9b8hcuSONNTu1XmhzozB_JUJIVHmVqbOtWAJK9VI5Qm1TkEvEErjftwAKWUY-Ka
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      Last Sunday I charged up a new 24AH Luna battery for the RidgeRunner and took it on a group ride to China Camp. There were almost a dozen riders, most equipped with Bosch based bikes like the Cube. In the photo above we are at the Nike site at the top socializing while one rider fixes a flat in the background. Met a bunch of nice folks and had a good ride, not as steep as Slacker's peak, but longer, with many challenging spots, such as tight turns on the switchbacks.

      The power of the BBSHD was perfect, the performance limitations I faced on this ride were not the bike or mid drive, but the technical skill to stay on the line I had chosen. It didn't always work out quite like I had planned. Still it was a great trip and I managed to avoid any spills. I had one rider take a minor spill right in front of me, but I managed to get stopped in plenty of time. I may have a great video of that, haven't checked that far yet. I did get a great but brief segment of a squirrel leaping across in front of me, I think he bounced off the front tire, or came very close to it.

      The new tires, a Maxxis Ikon rear and Ardent Race front did a great job grabbing the trail and surviving all the rocks and rough spots. My first experience with Maxxis, and they are excellent.

      I did have a few problems. The GoPro mount (shown on the forks above) kept rotating forward and down, so I have some inverted video of my feet pedaling (or not pedaling). :)

      The Cantilever rack also wanted to rotate and touch the tire. Unfortunately this frame doesn't have rack mounting threaded holes.

      The rear brake is still howling. Need to fix that.

      There was a BBS02 on the ride also, and we compared temperatures. The BBSHD got very warm but not quite hot, and the BBS02 was a little warmer.

      Used about 7.6AH of 24, and traveled 13.7 miles, much of it moderately steep, rocky or gravel single track. (updated with actual BattMan data).
      And now it needs another bath. :(
      Click image for larger version

Name:	pDxNq5gtGPH34URILY-ByVY0rmwfFVkHJy7jh0uwMz5wJ7PY0vGqnuws3oM-kAD_CA-JZ_0ZnA2bbaqCgV_dL1n784Q-c3ZZGAm0DDwmNkiiGzacNXDqBOEEFZwpqpOxSBKfrx0CXFKBcyafwGNC-kRJMyM0N6tXa-k-UTwrPbN9h0xvsnZoamkWRbXINkTV8rus63D9xq9sT7P-WjjrixPuxkU8kE8GKlpHtrHn4zxJHqd3NFJO5HdudNqFwym
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      Alan B


        Nice post Alan! Looks like a good time had by all!


          I would agree, though the fellow who took the tumble may have some regrets, hopefully not though. I think he had a camera, should have a good vid there. I'll have to see what I captured as well.

          I just took the bike for a short grocery ride and checked the numbers. I updated the post above, but about 14 miles consumed 7.6 amp hours, so nearly two miles per amp hour, which is typical for this bike. So with a 24 amp hour battery the range for those conditions would be around 40 miles.

          Today I used the 6 amp hour Mighty Mini, those are so nifty for short runs.
          Alan B