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2016 Surly e-Wednesday

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  • WB-RV7
    I just finished my E Wednesday. Luna BBSHD. Shark battery. Built as commuter / town bike.

    I went with the box 2e 9 speed derailleur and shifter. Using a sun 11-40 cassette and the Luna bling ring 42 up front. I had to use a lot of spacers to get the lunar 42 to clear the chain stay. I may switch to the new (?) and expensive leki 40t ring to get a better chain line. I have not thrown a chain yet but the chain line is not ideal in the lowest gear.

    Also using eggrider which I really like. Super easy to change the settings.

    The Wednesday frame is top notch and seems very tough.

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  • Greeno
    I just set up a 2019 Surley Wednesday frame with a BBSHD motor and went with a Stermy Archer SX-RK3 rear hub. Using a 19t 1/8" offset cog in the rear and a 36t chainring up front and a 1/8" chain seems to be a good set up. Got a couple of hundred miles on it and it's smooth as silk. Hopefully this still frame will hold up better than my last 2 alum ones.

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  • CPG

    600 miles now, all trail riding, and it's all good, zero issues.

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  • gearz
    I have the same bike, I'm considering doing the same conversion. I know it's been almost 2 years since this was posted, but I'd like to know if you have any further experiences with this build to share? Any issues or mods you found useful would be great to know about.

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  • 1 cog missing
    Your information on chain-line and Q-factor should be a sticky topic, great info, thanks

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  • casuarinatree
    I admittedly didn't read what you wrote about the build but wow the bike and motor look great. Nice one!

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  • KnoxyBoy
    started a topic 2016 Surly e-Wednesday

    2016 Surly e-Wednesday

    **For any build, I will walk you though issues I have found, but if everything else is standard, I'll leave it out. Also, I may copy and paste segments in the beginning for a recap on the terminology.**

    I'm Knox from Community Cycles in CO and in this post, I'll walk you through the bumps I have found for the Surly Wednesday.

    For any mid-drive kit, there are 2 main things you need to be looking for: chain-line and q-factor. With some builds, you can only get these so good, but the goal should be for them to be perfect.

    **The chain-line on any bike should be set up so that the middle chainring and the middle cog in the rear create a line parallel to the plane of the wheel. If you have a 1x then that's your middle, if you have a 2x then in between is your middle (you can cater to one or another depending on riding style), and if you have a 3x then it will be the middle. With a 7 speed in the back it will be 4th gear, 8 speed will be 4-5th, and a 9 speed cassette will use the 5th gear as your center. I wouldn't recommend going much higher than 9 speed to keep drivetrain replacement costs to a minimum. For mid-drives, we are referring to 1x setup.

    **The q-factor is the distance between your crank and your chain stay on both sides. If this is out greatly, it will affect your hip position and can misalign your body after lots of riding. Also, you will probably be able to feel it if one side is different than another.

    For the Wednesday, we are using BBSHD with a spindle for a 73-100mm shell powered by a 52V 11.6ah high-power (PF) battery. This was a fairly straight forward build with only a few things to be concerned about. First, I'll start with drive-side spacing. I had to use 4mm of spacers on the drive-side of the BB to clear the yoke. This allows the motor to clear but throws off the chain-line and q-factor.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_6423.JPG
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    The q-factor was quickly corrected with Luna's offset crankarm. Check below.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_6422.JPG
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ID:	17439

    Now that the motor is properly spaced and the q-factor is perfectly even, we can move on to checking out the chain-line. I checked to see if the Luna Offset ring would help make the chain-line better. Because the teeth are so tall and it's 46T, there's no way to make it fit without digging completely into the frame. For this, I opted to use the 46T that comes with the kit. It doesn't make the chain-line great but it's acceptable. The first photo is of the low-end, second is the high-end, and the third is where the chain-line is straight. Set this up with 7 speed to get the relative chain-line more centered.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_6426.JPG
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Name:	IMG_6429.JPG
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Name:	IMG_6430.JPG
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    The Wednesday was a simple build, but without an offset crank arm, the q-factor would be way off. Check out the completed build below, no battery yet. Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_6478.JPG
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