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Gravity monster pro/ bbshd build

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  • Gravity monster pro/ bbshd build

    Aloha all! Let me begin with some back story. I live in Hawaii, which added some difficulty and expense to my build, mostly expense😄 My girlfriend and I rode a co-workers e-bike about a year ago and we were hooked. Im sure you know what im talking about, that feeling only an e-bike can give you. So began the journey to possess one of my very own. After months of research and more research a picture began to come into focus. I discovered bikes direct and Luna Cycles, the two most important resources for my build. I could not have pulled this off without luna cycles and all the info and articles on and Thank you Karl, Eric, Spinning Magnets and all the others who posted there experiences and builds. I also have to thank my beautiful girlfriend who was able to begin her build a few months earlier than me. We learned alot on that build. She faced quite a few obstacles and shipping issues but she made it happen. Very inspirational. OK so here is my route to a kick-ass e-bike.
    I began with a GRAVITY BULLSEYE MONSTER PRO from bikes direct. I chose this bike because it was the least expensive bike that came with the Bluto RockShox. I felt it was worth the investment instead of upgrading later on. This is where the Hawaii issue raises its head. Unlike on the mainland it costs $150 to ship a bike from bikes direct which makes this a $1150 choice. Thats no small amount but there aren't many options here as far as fat-bikes go so honestly i was just stoked they would ship it here at all. I chose the fat tire bike because i felt it was best suited to the kind of riding i like. It is a SOLID bike with decent enough components. My only gripe is that BD(bikes direct) decided to save a buck on my $1000 bike by putting the VeeRubber v8 tires on it. Bottom of the barrel as far as im concerned. My girlfriend purchased the Gravity Moster LTD for $700 and hers came with the H-Billie VeeRubber tiers, a much better tire in my opinion. Whats up BD?! Overall though im very happy with the bike.
    Next we get to the motor. For this I chose the BAFANG BBSHD 1000W. Because, well why wouldnt I? I mean after all the research i dont know why i would go with anything else. This motor is the sh#t. Believe me you dont want to under power yourself, snoozer, and you dont want to put weight on your bike where it doest belong(hub drives) Opt for the power and user ease and reliability of the BBSHD. It will cruise you around at 30+ MPH and get you up insane hills. If in doubt just youtube it. THX BRUNO! Now for the final piece of the holy tri-fecta, the battery. I chose the new 52v TRIANGLE PANASONIC GA 14ah battery. For me this battery was the perfect blend of power, size and weight. There are a bunch of awesome batteries at luna cycles to chose from depending on your needs. Stick with luna though, they are battery wizards over there. Hawaii makes this a bit of a pain too, to have a battery this size shipped to hawaii it must come by boat and has hazmat restrictions. No one will put one of these things on an airplane. So if you are in hawaii and want a battery from luna you will need to contact ALOHA FREIGHT and then Luna will take them your battery and Aloha Freight will boat it over to you for $175. Ouch I know, the one upside is that if you need multiple batteries they will bundle them and the price is the same to a limit. My girlfriend and I both got the same battery and they shipped them both to us together at $175 price. So you can split it with someone if you can find someone else who needs a battery. But all in all its still better than dealing with a less reputable dealer for cheaper. Dont skimp! It will cost you more in the long run.
    So thats the meat of it really. You will need a bunch of other accessories (display, gearshift sensor, chainring) and equipment( charger, tools) but for the most part thats what makes up a bad ass e-bike. So what follows is pictures of the build with commentary, enjoy and BUILD YOUR OWN!
    Gravity Monster Pro fresh out the box. What a beauty! Magic tool that will allow you to empty the bottom bracket Striped naked and ready to be bafanged

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    Thanks for posting all these great pics! I also have a BBSHD on a fatbike, and It works great for what I do. If any of your friends or co-workers want to buy one too, maybe you could loan them the wrenches to help save a few bucks...


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      Nice clean builds ! What island are you on?


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        Bike looks great. I almost went with that bike.

        I'd like to see a good picture of the chain-line with the chain on the lowest gear using that eclipse sprocket if you'd not mind adding another picture to your post here.

        Next comes the suspension seat post ;-)


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          Build looks great...thanks for are the bikes holding up today?