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BBSHD on Charge Cooker 29er Hardtail

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    BBSHD on Charge Cooker 29er Hardtail

    In case pics are not viewable on this page, here is a link to photos of my ebike!AkOgfKvhogZVa120QbJ2aUuFKO8

    After hearing about and reading about BBDHS builds I decided to build one for myself. I wanted a bike that was versatile and could be used on the road and for trail/mountain biking. I bought a 2014 Charge Cooker 29er hardtail used on Craigslist for CAD$700. It came with 700c touring tires.

    I ordered the BBSHD, 52V Dolphin NCRB battery, brake sensors, gear sensor, thumb throttle, full colour display, Luna 42t chain ring, chain ring spacer, luna wrench installation tool. total price incl shipping USD$1424 (CAD$1850)

    I upgraded the following parts (prices in CAD$). All parts used, purchased on except the front tire:
    fork: 2012 Rockshox Revelation u-turn. including rocky mountain hub. $180
    front wheel (to fit the new fork with 20mm axle) : SRAM Roam 30 $100
    brakes: shimano SLX $100
    7" Brake rotor and adapter for front $20
    front tire: Schwalbe marathon plus 700x38c $40 from Chain Reaction Cycles in the UK
    I found a set of 2.1" 29er tires at a yard sale next door, on the exact day that I was thinking of shopping for a pair of mountain bike tires. $10. I got a pair of used 2.3" mountain bike tires for $20, because i was wearing though the rubber from the other pair of mtb tires quickly from riding them on the road.

    I sold the SRAM brakes I took off it for $60, and will sell the fork, and front wheel.

    Other misc parts and costs:
    spacers CAD$10
    soldering iron $30
    Paid shop to remove bottom bracket from bike $10. I didn't realize the tool I bought from Luna would work to do this.

    The build was relatively straightforward, however there were a couple issues that had pretty simple solutions.

    When mounting the drive unit, the reduction housing bumped up against the right chain stay leaving a 7mm space between the reduction housing and the bottom bracket shell so I had to get some spacers to fill in the space. So now the right crank sits out 7mm further from the right chain stay and the left crank sits 7mm closer to the left chain stay but it doesn't affect the function of the bike at all.

    I initially purchased and installed the Luna 42T chain ring. This chain ring has a 12mm offset, which, combined with the 7mm of spacers I had to use resulted in the front chain ring too far outboard so I could not use the biggest 3 cogs on the cassette, because the chain line was on too much of an angle. I ordered the Luna Eclipse 42T chain ring and installed it, USD$100 (CAD$131). The big 25mm offset of the eclipse to bring the chain line inboard caused the the chain ring to hit the chain stay, so I had to install the 3.5mm luna chain ring spacer plus another thin washer on each chain ring bolt to bring the chain ring outboard enough to clear the chain stay. That set up has the chain line running from the chain ring pretty much right to the middle of the cassette, and it's been working great with no issues.

    Installing and connecting the wiring seemed a bit daunting initially but I looked at all the connectors carefully and it turned out to be straightforward and went together without issue. The gear sensor installed easily and shifting is very smooth. I rode the bike without the gear sensor for 2 or 3 weeks and had some hard clunky shifts if I didn't let off on the throttle properly. I have not installed the brake sensors yet. I don't feel I need them, but could still install them.

    As I am using this bike for mountain/trail riding in addition to road riding, I want to have 2 wheelsets, one for road and one for trail riding. This way I can switch the wheels rather than change tires when I want to switch between road and offroad use. I am in the process of building a wheelset for mountain biking. For the front wheel I used the hub that came with the fork. I got a rim and spokes from chain reaction cycles in the UK, and with the help of youtube videos I learned how to lace the wheel. As I was lacing the wheel I discovered I calculated the spoke length incorrectly, so I had to get longer spokes for one side of the wheel. Took about 3 hours to lace and true the front wheel. I got a rear hub and rim for the back from Chain Reaction Cycles. I will get spokes and will build the rear wheel sometime soon. Total cost of 2nd wheelset (without tires) $270.

    A few days ago I installed a rack on the back for panniers, $90. My bike doesn't have mounting eyelets for panniers, so I had to get a rack that connected into the rear wheel quick release and onto the seat stays. This has improved the functionality of the bike for road use but if/when I take it on some mountain bike trails I think the rack will have to come off.

    My daily commute to work is about a 5 minute bike ride and due to concerns about theft I am using my old regular bike for my daily work commutes, and using the ebike for recreational use and other commuting. I've put about 500km on the bike since I finished building it 6 weeks ago. I am using the ebike for riding around Vancouver on the road and also off road on mountain bike trails, swapping between road tires and mountain tires depending on what I am riding. Riding the bike on the road is great. It's fast, handles well, brakes well with the upgraded brakes. I have done a number of rides off road on mountain bike trails. I have ridden some XC bike trails on Mt Fromme and Mt Seymour on Vancouver's North Shore. Riding on mountain bike trails has been so much fun, more fun than I had imagined! Riding on the road is also very fun, practical, and economical. I've used my car much less as I am able to cover decent distances on the ebike.

    One slight glitch I've been experiencing: I think it only happens when I hit bumps, occasionally the unit shuts down unexpectedly, and I have to turn in back on with the thumb controller. I haven't looked into what is causing it, but I will look into it if it persists.

    total price CAD$3400 USD$2590

    Overall I am very happy with my ebike and would recommend Luna Cycle and the BBSHD to anyone looking to build their own ebilke.

    Bart Prinsen
    Vancouver BC Canada
    Sept 30 2016
    Click image for larger version

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    Looks a nice bike. So much choice in the US and Canada.


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      Thanks. Charge bikes are from the UK I believe. I hadn't heard of this brand before I saw this bike on craigslist.

    I can't see the photos☹️




      great looking set-up! nice work