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Norco Indie with BBS02

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    Norco Indie with BBS02

    I've been dreaming of building a mid drive a decade ago when i bought my first ebike wheel from Currie. When i read about the BBS02 a few months ago, I knew i had to get hold of one, unfortunately i ordered one from another vendor and paid more than 2x the amount that Lunacycle is selling it for and i still haven't received it yet! I couldn't wait so i ordered another BBS02 from Lunacycle and received it a week later and installed it on another bike that I just purchased on Craigslist.

    It took a lot of running back and forth to my bike shop to get all the tools and supplies and when i was installing the throttle on the left side of the handlebar, I realized that my brakes were joined with my front shifter so I had to go back and purchase a separate hydraulic brake set. Another problem I had when installing the Raceface chain ring to the adapter was the bolts that held them together seemed too long. I eventually fixed that problem by flipping the Raceface chain ring around. Later on i realized that I placed the chain ring on the wrong side of the adapter, forcing the chain even further away from the middle of the rear clusters.

    I decided to mount my battery pack (EZEE battery pack) in a high quality back pack, an Evoc backpack designed for winter sports. I built a 4.5 ft battery cable using 12 AWG silicone wires from Luna Cycle with Anderson connectors on one end and XT90 on the other end to connect to the motor. I used 1/2 " Flexo Pet sleeving to cover the wires for a professional look and heat shrunk the loose ends. I run this cable through the drinking tube hole in my backpack which pops out of a zipper on my shoulder strap. When riding, it is hard to tell that I am riding an electric bike. Click image for larger version

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    Very nice build Ebikerman! This is exactly the type of build I'm planning on doing in the next couple months once my wife approves me spending money on the kit lol. I plan to order a BBS02 kit from LunaCycle along with a battery assuming they are able to ship to me in Nova Scotia Canada and put the kit on my Kona Dew, should look very similar I hope.

    I really like what you did with the backpack battery as it gives the bike an awesome stealth look, do you find many people even notice you're on an Ebike? Also I'm curious if you ever want to mount a battery such as a shark or bottle will the wiring still reach ok?


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      Most people don't know that I'm riding an electric bike because the backpack has all kinds of black straps and my black battery cable blends right in. I may purchase a shark pack in the summer if I find it too hot to ride with the back pack, my back is already drenched in sweat riding in the winter.

    Love those Norco frames. I'm constantly searching for a Norco full suspension. I like yours too!


      Update: I bought the 52v 10ah Panasonic GA and it is only 5lbs now and hardly noticeable on my back. I notice a lot more power compared to 48v and when the battery runs down, there isn't much loss in power. I also converted my back tire to ghetto tubeless so I can run at a more comfortable lower psi. Small bumps don't bother me anymore especially with my Suntour suspension seat post.


        Hey - I am about to order a kit for my Norco Indie. How are things going for you now? Are you still happy with your set up? Could the indie have handled the 1000w version. Any tips you could offer me before I order would be much appreciated. Thanks!