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Panther Hercules One Fat Bike Electric Conversion in Thailand

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    Panther Hercules One Fat Bike Electric Conversion in Thailand

    This is my First Electric Bike build, and it was a project I had been researching for a long time as a "Retirement" treat for myself! I have been cycle free for 13 years since I moved to Thailand, and really hankered after a new bike, and of course it had to be Electric powered. My last new bike was a Trek Y22 in the UK, bought when they first launched in the UK in the mid 1990's..I loved that bike, and had it fitted with a then ground breaking Hope hydraulic front disc.. Electric power.. Never even knew it existed then.. Hahaha..!
    So I decided on my new Fatbike.. It was from a Thai bike manufacturer, but built in their factory in Taiwan. A limited addition of 100 bikes, of which 50 were finished in Black and Red, specs appeared good for the price, so I dropped 21,500 Thai Baht for No. 60 from a nice specialist bike shop, 888bike in Chiang Mai.. The Manager at the shop speaks good English, so that was a big bonus, as my Thai is not so hot..! (Unlike the Thai weather..!!)
    Basic specs are 6061 aluminium frame, unnamed front suspension fork, Shimano Deore 30 speed drive train and rapid fire shifters, Tektro Gemini Hydraulic Disc brakes, 26"x85mm Powercircle Triangle cut out rims, with Chaoyang 26x4.9 tyres, and decent hubs, cranks and bars etc.
    The only downside is the bike has a small frame Triangle, but I liked the look of everything else so much, I decided I would have to live with it and make the best use of the space possible for the future battery pack installation.

    When I began investigating and planning the Electric conversion, I studied this Forum, ES, and many other resources, and had set my heart on going with a Bafang BBSHD conversion, with an 18650 battery pack with either Samsung 30Q's, or Panasonic GA's and also toyed with the idea of a Cyclone 3000w mid drive.
    In the back of my mind, I had this nagging doubt about the suitability of a Mid Drive for my location and riding area. First, I live in a remote farming village in the NE of Thailand, so purchasing and sourcing components and parts for an electric bike is always going to be via mail order online.
    Secondly, the area I live in is flat. Hundreds of square kilometres of rice paddies, sugar cane plantations, and other vegetable crops. . Hardly a gradient in site for a hundred kilometers either way from my home.. But I live next to hundreds of kilometres of well graded hard packed farm tracks and roads, hard and pretty smooth in the hot, dry "winter" season, and sticky clay and gravel "traps" for a few months in the middle of a tropical summer..! Plus, there are kilometer after kilometre of quiet, rural roads to meander along between the villages..
    I just didn't need a mid drive conversion, and the concern about wear and tear on the drive train, and lack of easy replacement parts availability was a major concern. Also a Bafang mid drive clearly would require more driver training for my wife, if I was going to avoid any motor overloading from starting off in too high a gear.
    ​​​​​​The next problem I came across was good, old Thai Customs and Exist department. Anything Ebike imported into Thailand from outside of the ASEAN free trade area ie parts and kit from the USA, or UK attract 60% Customs Duty, plus 10% Local Tax, plus 7% Vat on the landed cost including shipping. This virtually doubles the price of anything imported from these countries.
    However, good news is goods imported from within Asean, including China only attract 10% local tax, plus 7%vat..So, sadly at a stroke of the Thai Customs pen, importing from Luna was currently out of the question, which is particularly sad as many of their parts are if course actually sourced and manufactured in China.. Grrrr..!!
    So, armed with these thoughts and information, I began researching all the Direct drive Hubmotor options, and contacted many suppliers and manufacturers in China via Aliexpress and luckily found with my bikes 190mm Rear dropout width, this was a problem in sourcing many well known DD Hubmotor brands such as QS, and others who couldn't offer motors with this width of axle.
    Then I came across ChangZhou SuRing Motor Technology Company Ltd in Shenzhen and their product Manager Jack Chen. Wow, I hit the gold big time.. Their service and response to my dozens of emails was amazing, including their patience and comprehension of what I was trying to acheive.
    I soon settled on their Mxus 3000w V2 Hubmotor, which they offered to custom build with a 190mm axle for an additional 5USD..yes 5 USD, over the standard price of the 175mm axle version. The icing on the cake for me, was I wanted the motor supplied laced with 12g Black Stainless spokes into a Jinhua Powercircle wheel rim, with Triangle cutouts, in Red Anodised finish. This was to match the OEM wheels on my bike, which I love..!
    I had personally tried to source this rim as a spare part previously, and had failed. The factory making them had an MOQ of 100 units, rather more than I wanted, Panther Bike Thailand didn't hold spare parts, and said maybe they could source 1 rim in around 90 days, and price would be 50USD, and no other supplier I could find had this rim in stock.
    ​​​​​​Jack Chen took my emailed wheel photo, and within 24 hours had sourced a 100mm wide version of this rim direct from Powercircle, which fits into my rear triangle, emailed my a photo for confirmation, with a 3 week factory lead time for a new batch they were manufacturing, and the cost was a reasonable 34 usd for the new Rim. .

    That sealed the deal for me, so my order to ChangZhou SuRing was as follows :

    Mxus 3000w V2, 4T Hubmotor, 190mm axle, laced into a new Powercircle rim.
    KT 45amp Sinewave Controller, Black Anodised finish.
    KT LCD6 Display with USB power out port.
    KT-D12L Pedal Assist Sensor kit
    Wuxing Half Bar Twist Throttle with Key Switch
    10 Speed Freewheel
    160mm Disc Brake Rotor.
    Torque Arm

    Total price including Shipping to Thailand via DPEX (5 days).. £466.38 GBP

    The complete conversion kit arrived exactly as promised, and in perfect condition matching the order exactly. They even sent me two brake disc rotors, and two mechanical brake callipers to use for spare parts if required, all for the price of a single disc rotor!

    Sorry for all the detail, so now here are a few photos of the parts and electric conversion for some light relief..!! I will start with a few photos of the Battery box build, which has already been included in detail in the DIY section.

    The above photos show the custom battery box construction from 2" Thai PVC water pipe, heat formed to shape for the frame, and 2 laminations of 3mm hardwood veneer board for the side panels. At least it gives the maximum space available for Batteries within the frame triangle.

    Front and rear fenders were also made
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