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2014 Giant Trance 1, 27.5 wheels, XL frame, BBSHD

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    2014 Giant Trance 1, 27.5 wheels, XL frame, BBSHD

    Youtube video with bike on its initial test run: For less than $1,400, Josh at Luna hooked me up with: BBSHD 100mm, BB non-locking adaptor, thumb throttle, gear shift sensor, 52v shark GA, 52v 3A charger, color display (DPC14); tool kit; Luna wrench.
    I was able to pick the kit up at their Gardena location, and I plan to add the same system to my wife’s Electra Townie & my daughter’s beach cruiser. We can now easily ride the bike path from Redondo Beach to Malibu in hours, and my mountain biking range will increase significantly. Being my first, this build took the better part of a day, including a trip to the bike shop. The next build (on the Townie) should only take about three hours.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	image_6485.jpg Views:	1 Size:	798.3 KB ID:	30820 Using Youtube as a guide, it is easy to remove the Shimano hollowtech cranks used on this bike. I didn’t want to possibly deform the aluminum frame BB, so I took it to my local bike shop to remove the stock press-fit BB (SM-BB71-41) & press fit Luna’s BB adaptor for $10 and 10 minutes of their time with the correct tools. They press fit the adaptor in from the non-drive side, so the drive side fits flush with the frame. For another $10, they would be able to replace the adaptor with the stock BB if I wanted to convert back to stock for any reason. I would be able to convert back as I only had to grind off one of three tabs that hold the chain guide. I used a 4.5” angle grinder, but it would have been cleaner with a Dremel. The remaining two tabs are plenty strong enough for this part.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	image_6483.jpg Views:	1 Size:	875.8 KB ID:	30818 I rerouted the rear derailleur wire from below the BB to above it. I had enough slack in the wire at the rear derailleur end to properly adjust so it hit all gears. I used the kit’s large spacer on the non-drive side to properly seat the jamb nut.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	image_6484.jpg Views:	1 Size:	1.73 MB ID:	30819 I put the thumb throttle on the left and the display control on the right. I did not use the brake cutouts due to my existing hydraulic brakes. I did install the gear shift sensor. This was the toughest task, as it was hard to thread the cable through the sensor.

    I attached the battery using two existing rivnut locations, and adding a self-tapping screw toward the top of the downtube for a total of three attachment points. I drilled a hole in the metal housing of the battery base for the existing bottom rivnut. On this XL frame, there is just enough room for the shark pack. I hard wired the battery base to the motor using butt connectors, which avoided all the extra wire.
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    Thanks for this but there appears to be something wrong with the photo hosting on the site? I'll ratchet this up the chain...


      Hey again OP, did the pictures look alright and display when you 1st posted this thread?


        Hi tom,

        hows the bike been going? Thinking of doing the same conversion on my trance exactly like yours but a large. Anything you'd do differently? How do you find the motor clearance to ground when off-road?

        thanks heaps


          motor clearance has not been an issue, and I've taken this bike on some challenging downhill singletrack around big bear lake, ca. In the rare occurrence the motor takes a hit on a big rock or log, it doesn't affect it at all as it built tough. the motor has been great - plenty of torque for the steepest hills. throw out the stock chain ring and get a Luna Eclipse Chain Ring for the BBSHD to remove issues of chains falling off under heavy loads, and better shifting to all gears.

          the large frame may be an issue with the shark pack, as I have mounted mine inside the frame and it barely has enough clearance with my XL frame. I can barely lift the battery up and out to take it off of its base, so I typically charge it on the bike. When the rear suspension is compressed, there is barely any room between the rear shock adjuster knob and the bottom of the battery pack. I suppose one could put the battery pack below the down tube, but you would need to strap it in when riding hard.


            The carbon shark pack may be a solution as it goes in sideways.