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    Kona Stinky 2-4

    Congratulations, you just gave birth to a 53 pound electric pit bike!
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    This is a kids full suspension bike with 24” tires. I fit a Mighty Mini battery on the water bottle cage. The down tube sweeps so the motor hangs down too low. 68mm bottom bracket with the 2 ¾ inches needed for the motor to be flush.

    The chain stay is designed off center so this bike can have the front gear close. It is as if it was made for the motor. In a way it was too perfect because the chain stay is perfectly flush so one does need one spacer and the two washers to give the chain stay room to move up and down. I found the washers just a hair too wide. When test fitting, the edge of the washer hit the motor housing. Therefor I just ground down an edge so it would go down.

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Name:	Chainstay-side.jpg
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    Pretty simply assembly except for the washers. However getting the bottom bracket out I was terrorized by ISIS. I only have the puller for square taper. I tried the two dime trick for ISIS cranks and it worked on one side, but failed on the other. Hat in hand I went for help at the LBS. (I am going to start bringing them coffee as I am there every morning.)

    The bike is from craigs list and was $375. The most I have paid so far. However scratched and dirty, it was maintained. Hydrolic disc brakes that work surprisingly well. Aggressive knobbies that gripped on step hill climbs. My only mods were to add the BMX bars to get higher and changed out the 350 pound spring for a 500 pound spring on the rear shock.

    I am 6' and did not expect much, but it is more fun than you can imagine. It is the best bike ever for picking a line though the rough stuff. (24 is the new 27+) It not only makes you giggle, but it works! Of course with my size and weight I had to lean way over the front when hill climbing, but the rest of the time I was comfortable. I was just pursuing a crazy idea but this is a keeper.

    Click image for larger version

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    That's bad ass man


      I added a 2.8 wide tire to the front. It made the ride even smother, but the thinner tire actually worked better at not washing out in the sand. But it looks really cool.
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      Well I still think this is a great bike for the wife, but I have learned something: Don't give the wife anything with the name Stinky written on it. So I have taken it all apart. (For Sale along with the Giant Rove, Proflex, Specialized Camber and the Dahon folding mountain bike that all proved unworthy). I am working on the next idea, something in a pretty blue with a wicker basket that can flat track and hill climb.
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Name:	Townie-upper-yellow.jpg
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      When the going gets weird, the weird get going. Over the 4th I ran this along the famous single tracks with all the tourist in the their spandex and I did not even get one laugh. I am so disappointed.
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