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Intense Uzzi with BBSHD

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    Intense Uzzi with BBSHD

    73mm bottom bracket, used 68 to 73 BBSHD. 2 3/4 inches of clearance with small problem. Jumbo Shark Hailong-3 on bottle cage with issues. Straight down tube allows good clearance. Long seatpost for dropper post.

    Click image for larger version

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    My buddy has been going with me often. His cattle dog is one of the few who can keep up with my husky. Time for his own bike, so I gave him the basics of what to look for and the Uzzi appeared on my porch.

    Click image for larger version

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    The 2 3/4 inches seems to be the tough thing to find in a craigslist photo so I sent him looking for the virtual pivot point rear suspension which the Uzzi has. However I found one pivot point on the Uzzi has a bolt sticking out a couple of millimeters. I hate shimming the chainline out anyways, but when using the 68-73 motor on a 73 there isn't much thread left for shimming. So I filed down most of the bolt until I got nervous the c-clip might come off and did add a shim to get around what was left. Don't forget to add washers on the other side equal to the shims along with the collar for 73 bottom brackets. (I saw a 73 done with no collar or washers and the bracket just bent. It was a terrible install at every point and yet it still sort of worked.)

    The battery does fit on the bottle cage, but upside down and backwards. I feel fine about the upside down part with three velcro straps doing most of the work. However the backwards thing bugs me. I wish I had a rivnut set to make him some new places to bolt it up. He did spend for the 5p battery because every newbie has range anxiety, but the regular shark hailong-1 4p battery would have been enough and lighter.

    The frame can take a dropper post, but that is not going to happen. As it is this already costs more than his car, so there will be compromises.

    The Uzzi was $600. It is very capable for the money. It is more capable than my more expensive enduro type bike. It has thicker front forks, 2.7 wide downhill tires, spring shocks seem more supple compared to my air shocks, and bigger disc brakes. One would think this is worth the extra 13 pounds it weighs over mine, until you put it on the car, or carry it over a log. Oh crap, I just became a weight weenie.

    I have no idea what these came with stock, but this one had a downhill cassette with a 26 tooth low gear. That had to go. (We live at the lake you see way down below in all my pictures. Hill climbing is what we do!) It runs a 30 tooth mighty mini to a 9 speed 11-34 cassette now. I hate the chainline but the sram derailleur is only a medium cage that wouldn't go up to a 42 tooth and it would cost a lot to do what I wanted. As it is that was a hundred bucks he didn't count on, but had to be done. Walmart for a schwinn seat, huffy front bag, and bell helmet. Hey, he looks good, you can see from the picture my wife thinks so.

    Click image for larger version

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    This is my fourth write up but I haven't written up the other two bikes in the picture, are you interested?

    Yes that step through frame looks interesting.


      My trolling caught a Giga Member! I am so honored. If I remember right calfree did a Townie Cruiser with the BBSHD above the bottom bracket. I was so inspired I too want to do this to her bike.

      And all my crazy ideas is what has kept me from doing any writing. I am waiting for $600 of parts from the Netherlands and the motor above the bracket. By the time this happens I will probably have more ideas. You have done long threads documenting it as you go along so I promise to get to it.

      She is pretty and much more capable than you would think. The bike too.

      Yup, it's a Townie. It all started because I made her a perfectly capable bike that fit her: However I learned never give your wife something called “Stinky”.

      So I came at it from the other direction. A beautiful blue Townie with a wicker basket for $250 from Craigs list. I bolted up the BBSHD, fitted a 2.7 wide downhill tire, and ran our famous single tracks.

      First thing I learned is that mountain bikers with spandex have no sense of humor. It is has been a couple of weeks and not even a smile, and I expected outright laughter.

      I am reading up on Bike Porn and will get some pictures. A $300 seat post on a $250 bike deserves a good picture.


        Here you go:

        68mm bottom bracket, straight downtube allows the motor to swing up out of the way, 2 3/4 inches clearance, 3p battery wedged in “triangle”, simple and


          My first bbshd conversion was on my '96 Uzzi. I used the Luna Eclipse 42 chainring with a 11-34 9 speed. I use the mighty mini battery. In the photo the battery holder is in the triangle, I later moved it under the bottom tube so I could at a bottle cage.
 My donor bike is a Intense Uzzi I bought in 1996. I quit single tracking about 10 yrs. ago and haven’t ridden the bike much since


            how does the battery installed under the tube works for you? looks like you did a trail ride. did it hold on tight on bumps? i have the same option but i have a plus tire and there is a 3 inches clearance from the battery and front wheel. i wont be doing crazy drops that's for sure but still wanted to hear insights regarding this battery position. Thanks in advance!


              It holds up fine. It has been a couple of weeks of single track that is rough with rocks. I would not do it without the big velcros. However it has more than 3" of clearance.

              Take the air out of your shocks and check clearance with it compressed. The Uzzi isn't an air shock so we pulled it down with ratchet straps to check. Remember the 7p battery is taller than the 5p


                The mighty mini 30 tooth wore out. It is now a ninja throwing star. A bad chain line is more than just aesthetics, it costs money in the long run.


                  Looks great, are you sure the battery wont get hit by the front wheel at full fork compression? I really would like to do this with my HL-3 on my Haro X7 but I am pretty sure there would be clearance issues. :(


                    It is too close. That is why I want the battery right side up.


                      Just bolt a BBSHD on a used downhill

                      Read this a bunch, mostly said as sarcasm. However it is an interesting concept I pursed in conjunction with spending more than necessary on another bike.

                      The first thing to question was the downhill bike. I rented everything the LBS had and ironically used my ebike to retrieve the 3 cars I left at the top.

                      Yes, it is personal that I don't like downhill bikes. I am old and don't do big drops. The extra travel is for jumps, not smoothing out the ride for an old man. The rest of the bike is just a dull hammer. When you have a hammer, everything is a nail. If you see a rock garden you just speed up hit it hard.

                      The enduro is nimble and graceful. You pick a good line and then it gives you a warm feeling as a reward for your finesse.

                      The xc was great too, but for me the compromises for a couple of pounds are not worth it.

                      So change that to Enduro instead of downhill. Used is the wrong word too. Craigslist is an adventure of it's own. They are abused, unrealistically priced, and or misrepresented bikes. What ever you pay, be accurate in your repair estimates. As a newbie I totally screwed this up.

                      It is hard enough just to analyze frames to fit the mid drive, but getting rest of the bike right first time is the only way to stay on budget long term. My first screw up was drive train. I gave up chainline. It seemed cheaper just to buy a 30t front chain ring than change the derailleur, shifter, etc. to long cage and a 11-40 something cassette. I have worn out both the 30t and another 36t so now I concede to doing it right the third time. (One has to go up to 42t to get a good chainline and it takes a gear ratio of 1:1 to hill climb.)

                      So how did the $600 Uzzi do? It fit under the arbitrary $2,000 just barely. I missed the front shocks needed to be rebuilt, new chain, and some other things. However what I am spending on the drivetrain will bust it, hence this thinking out loud. The rotten old Maxis DHF turned out to be the best tire yet. It is the 2.7 wide and light years better than the same tire at 2.35”. The heavier spring shocks are actually noticeably better than the lighter air shocks. The through bolt rear end seems better. I like the long seat tube of the Uzzi because someday we will all mortgage our house and buy a dropper post.

                      If I had to it again I would do this:

                      Luna Right Twist Throttle For BBSHD and BBS02 $22.00
                      Bafang BBSHD 1000W Mid Drive Kit $679.00
                      4p battery 455
                      charger 30
                      The sunrace cassettes are 11-46 11 speed $70 11-42 10 speed $60.
                      no shift detection or brake cutoffs and one has to swing the 46t sunflower.

                      The enduro bike is being shunned by the young whippersnappers, so they are easy to buy. You have about $750 to spend and they are listed at $1000 or more. It must have long cage 10 or 11 speed or be cheap.

                      It is crazy to think one can do better than just buying a complete bike. However what a person learns is of some value. Buying a new bike gives you one thing old bikes can't: cow udder. All the new bikes have a swooping down tube. The old Uzzi is straight giving more ground clearance. So I am proud of the Uzzi, even if I now have to break the budget.

                      So just bolt a BBSHD on an abused, overpriced, misrepresented Enduro


                        The rear shock replacement problem was putting a $600 shock on a $600 bike. I just bought the cheapest thing on ebay and things worked out better than expected.
                        Click image for larger version

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                        2014 new old stock for $125. no piggy back chamber is cool because now there is room for a mighty mini battery under it. The lock out is a true lock out and I can just hit the switch and let some of my 300 pounds friends ride the bike. It seems to work as well as the expensive coil shock that blew up.

                        I have had with drivetrains. Just bite the bullet and drop $500 on the ex1. Sure I can get a bigger cog on the after market, Sun race has a 40-11 nine speed, but the Uzzi came with a medium cage so everything would have to be changed. Only the ex1 has big range between each gear, so there is only one choice.

                        Click image for larger version

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                        The under $2000 bike is now just under $3000. Budget fail, but what a great bike to ride!


                          What was the estimated cost of the coil rebuild? FWIW, you can rebuild DVO shocks yourself since you don't need nitrogen.


                            The LBS said they could no longer get parts for it. I think it was going to be more than the $125 I spent on the new one. Live and learn about old bikes. Now I have it off I see it had too long a spring in it and from what I read that wears them out fast.


                              If the bike was mine, I'd use pipe wrap tape to really secure that battery, screw how it looks! I do like the out of the box thinking of locating it on the "wrong" side, looks like it works fine.

                              A Husky/cattle dog race is something I'd like to see, two of the strongest canine runners for sure. I didn't know how fast my Border Terrier mutt mix could run until O got into e-bikes. It turned out he had an entirely different high speed gait that I had never seen before, like a frigging gazelle. I'll never forget looking over at him, and he looking back, "what, you didn't know I could do this?" FWIW: a Rohloff hub, besides the cost, is a problem solver like no other for a whacked out chain line. I'm still amazed by having a perfectly straight line in any gear on my e-Montague.