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Langster w/dual gear front hub

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    Langster w/dual gear front hub

    This is my first build, fun project and super fun first ride today. My goal was to keep it as low profile as possible without spending a ton of money. I'm really just looking to speed up my commute that has some decent size hills.
    I tore down my existing Langster commuter, replaced the aluminum fork with steel and swapped out the pad brakes for a front disk. The motor and front wheel are as-is from Luna attached to a mighty-mini 52 under the seat.
    As pictured weighs 38 lbs.
    I was able to get a total of 23 miles today with a bit of charge leftover. I tried (so tempting to just WFO all the time) to only use the throttle on anything but flats and downhill - about 40-50% of my commute. I managed to shorten the usual 50 min. ride home to just over 40.

    Hi Hodad,

    I like your bicycle with your front wheel sent-up.
    I am looking at a front wheel set-up, to combine with an 8 speed Shimano IGH at the back wheel.
    I am interested to hear your experience with the handling and steering with the additional weight of the motor in your front wheel.

    Tom Voskuilen