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1st Build & E-Bike rider-Magic Pie V5 (rear) -Bottle Batt. 52v*11.5ah-Huffy Parkside

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    Originally posted by Tommycat View Post

    Wanted to get access to the full twist throttle wiring for a couple mods.
    So as you can see from my last post it was necessary to get into the throttle assembly to tweak the LED power display.

    My other thought after doing a couple burn-outs and running over my foot once while working on the bike "hot". Was to be able to disable the twist throttle as desired. I accomplished this by using the latch 'on' switch on the throttle assembly, which is originally wired to power the lights on. Removed those wires and put it in series with the throttle 5 volt supply power. Now if I can just remember to disable it when done riding.:-) Considered perhaps using a pressure switch on the seat... but lifting off the seat for maximum pedal power would defeat that... just not sure.
    See my E-Bike build in progress HERE.


      For comfort went with a wider and softer saddle... Schwinn quilted cruiser saddle. Painless install, good fit. After a couple adjustments it seems to work well.

      Considering a thudbuster, but with it's cost about the same as my whole new bike donor it's hard to do.

      See my E-Bike build in progress HERE.


        While trying to get the throttle LED charge indicator lights to be more accurate. And actively pursuing a low voltage indicator light that would be a blinking red LED. Into the electronics field we go.
        Checked out and read the book "Electronics For Dummies". Ordered an electronics starter kit. And started experimenting! Found circuits online for "blinking LEDS". Backwards transistor, two transistor, and 555 timer type. Learned a lot, but nothing seemed tough enough to use, or worked perfectly/accurately. So I went online and found some LEDs that blinked all by themselves! But not only that, would change color from red to blue! Nice. They are rated at 12 volts, and will consume your typical 20mA current. But after finding that my installed Bayite LCD digital current/voltage display has a setting that will blink the display at under and over voltage set points. It rendered my blinking alarm light a bit mute...

        So what to do with some store bought blinking LEDs?

        Decided to upgrade my reflectors! Anything to improve being seen has to be good.

        Showing an LED installed and the LED in a RED blink.

        Part modifications and the LED in Blue blink mode.

        Potted in silicone.

        Added translucent covers. (plastic milk carton)

        Wired 4 in series to main battery voltage, with an inline fuse who's circuit also provides power to the Bayite. Double checked current with battery at 58 volts...draws a bit over 20mA. Nice and bright!

        Errrrr, sorry about the muddy back tire...

        And here is the result...

        See my E-Bike build in progress HERE.


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