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BBSHD on Motobecane Elite Adventure

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    BBSHD on Motobecane Elite Adventure

    Hi all, just wanted to write up a quick review/build tips to try to give back a bit to this super helpful community.

    I built the BBSHD on a 17 inch frame, 2017 Motobecane Elite Adventure from I've been commuting to/from work 20 miles round trip with it in west/central NJ now for the past ~5 months and have put on almost 1600 miles at this point. It has been the absolute best commute vehicle I've ever owned, and the BBSHD kit has been rock solid.

    A lot of my build followed the tips in this post, so thanks a lot to ScottL for such a detailed post:

    So here are the items I bought for the build:
    BBSHD 1000W kit (hot rod programming)
    52v 13.5 GA Shark pack
    Luna DPC-10 Bafang display.
    Programming cable
    52v mini smart charger
    Ebike tool kit

    Also needed to buy some crimps and heat shrink tubes for crimping the motor/battery connection, and a crimper tool.

    Altogether the build was about $1700 bike included.

    Following Scott's post I was a little worried about the shark battery mount not fitting properly so I planned on buying/building a separate mounting rack for it. However I found that I just needed to remove the factory mounting bolts that were connected to the front of the frame and the seat tube, and it fit perfectly. The red circles in my pictures show where I had to remove the bolts.

    I did not get the Luna wrench at first, probably should have, because the motor started coming loose after about 400 miles. At that point I didn't have the wrench yet so I carefully tightened it back up with my bottom bracket tool as tightly as I could get it. I think this second time it dug into the paint/frame a bit better and it hasn't come loose yet. But the luna wrench would probably make this work a lot better from the get-go.

    I have had a few problems here and there. First thing was the mini charger. I don't know if it was a bad batch, but the mini charger just would not charge my pack. The Luna cycle team was super helpful and responsive though. They pointed me to the epic battery troubleshooting thread here and I went through it to confirm that indeed it was the charger at fault. They credited me for the advanced smart charger no questions asked. Once I received this charger, had no problems charging. Lunacycle lived up to their reputation for top notch service. I appreciate that.

    One other small problem I had was at one point my bike would go in and out of power. Eventually not even turning on, even though the battery was definitely charged. Went through the troubleshooting thread again and sure enough, my battery connectors were bent out not making a solid connection. That fixed it and it fired up immediately. Now every week or 2 I check the connectors and make sure they're staying tight. Probably should strap the battery tighter to the frame to prevent as much wiggling as possible, but I don't know how much difference that would make.

    Other than that, I've had no problems with the build itself. The motobecane factory tires completely suck, as many prior reviews have stated. I stuck it out with them as long as I could, about 400 miles for the rear tire before its tread was pretty much gone! Had about 6 flats in 2 months with those crappy tires. Finally upgraded to some good schwalbe's and have had none since.

    The ride:
    The ride is awesome. Best commute I've ever had, I love it. I go uphill on a trail most of the way to work, downhill on trail or road coming back. Takes me about 35-40 minutes on the trail going to work, and 25-30 minutes coming home depending on how crazy I feel flying down these hills with lunatic NJ drivers. Uphill on the trail to work I am comfortable around 17-20 mph, faster than that and I feel like I'm really beating up the bike. On the road I easily stay around 25mph with level 2 pedal assist on flats. Pedaling my ass off I can keep that around 27-28. I only really crank it to level 3 if I have a steep hill or high-traffic area I need to get through. I went to 4 one time without realizing it and got to about 34mph very quickly lol. Super fun. I hit 39 a couple times going down a long (not too steep) hill, and that feels ridiculously fast on a bicycle. Overall I'm pretty conservative with how I push the whole system, but it does get a lot of daily use. It has been an absolute workhorse, though, and I love it.

    For range, I haven't had any problems with my pack and riding style. I have noticed the difference in battery performance in winter vs. when it was still around 50-60 degrees. When it was warm, I could do my ride with only 80% charge no problem at all, after 20 miles I would be just a little under half charge, going by the voltage/% charts. In this colder weather I've been charging to 100% just so I know I'm good. Probably could get away with 90, but 80% was getting a little lower than I'd like a few times in the cold. I know there's the LVC but I don't really have a desire to test it out :)

    Another thing I just thought of... I stayed with the stock chainring for now. I like hitting the higher speeds and being able to pedal. I think the chain line has been fine. I typically keep it in gears 3-9, so I'm not going down into the granny gears very often, which is where the chain line is maybe a little bit borderline, not perfect, but really not bad and I haven't had problems going down to that 2nd gear if I really need it for a steep hill or something. I'd maybe think about going to the 42T, but why fix it if it ain't broke?

    That's it and if anyone has any questions about any part of it, let me know. I'll be happy to help where I can.

    removed factory default bolts here, replaced with low profile bolts mounting bolt to remove for the battery to slide all the way back

    Hey it's been a while.

    I wanted to post an update. I'm at 4400 miles now in 17 months on this bike. Riding year round in central NJ. Still love it!