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    To a large extent the land down here used to be underwater. They dredged canals to build roads alongside them, and then used the canals to drain the swamp. The natural areas are mostly still underwater. The rest has been built up and developed. Around here if it isn't flat then it's underwater. You might check and be sure the trails your seeing aren't bordwalks through the swamp. Oleta won't be trike freindly either. It's an island made of piles of dredge spoil that's beeen grown over for 100 years since they dredged the Intercoastal Waterway. Constant sharp up and down profile with narrow twists and turns. One thing they do here on the multiuse trails is put posts a foot high and about a foot apart at the trail head. Horses and bikes can get through, but golf carts and ATVs can't. Of course i've set my bikes up for what I do so there may be places I don't know but they're probably few and far between. In my area Quiet Waters Park, Markham Park, and Oleta State Park have MTB trails, Vigrinia Key in Miami also. But they're all tight twisty workouts for the most part. You might try a lap around lake Okechobee. There's a road on top of the dike. Alligators and poisonous snakes are a given. IDK what the wild boar situation is there. I've heard that people do ride it. I don't think the pythons are that far north yet. Kind of a Miami thing. So far.
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      The Lake Okechobee Scenic Trail (LOST) hahaha! may or may not be open at any given time or at any given place. It's 112 miles long, and goes through about 5 counties, plus the Army Corp of Engineers is running it. My guess is nobody knows what's actually going on there. WTF Welcome To Florida.
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        I discovered something about my BBSHD that might apply to a trike build. I wasn't feeling well, so for my ride home I used the throttle only ( first time ever) and found out my bike goes the same 32mph in the top 4 gears. Probably a 30 Amp limit. My top gear of 50x11 is so I can pedal 90rpm at 30mph speeds. Obviously the motor can go much faster, and Paxtana says they like that. On a 2 chain trike with a 40t front ring, and 30 t at the motor, you could have a 90rpm cadence with the motor at 120rpm input. I don't have a watt meter so IDK what the difference would be in practice.