I am waiting for a few parts for my Electra Cruiser Fat. While I am waiting I decided it was finally time to start the trike project. I mounted the front wheels, a temporary rear wheel, the seat, handlebars, and the leftover crankset from the Paratrooper.

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This thing is kind of narrow. When I am sitting in it I feel like 10 pounds of crap in a 5 pound bag. I can get in and out of it pretty well. In fact it may be easier to get out of than my Civic. It needs to be wider. I can't get much of a turn angle on the front wheels because my wide body is in the way.

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I can see this is going to be a long term project because I am already thinking of modifying the frame. I will get it going and use it a bit before I decide what to do. I already have a wheel built for it with a TDCM IGH. The first time around I think it will be a throttle setup.

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The motor on the bottom has been installed on an Alec DX32 rim and I have another Big apple tire coming in a few days. I am going to have to construct some kind of torque plate for the left side. I will see what I can figure out once the wheel is sitting in the frame.
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