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Li conversion on Razor Dirt Quad 500

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    Li conversion on Razor Dirt Quad 500

    Greetings! I 'm just starting learning what I need to learn in order to do a Lithium conversion and perhaps voltage upgrade on my son's Razor Dirt Quad 500. It's a 36V four wheel e-bike, more or less! Or scooter, depending on how you look at it.t

    In any event, I was looking for a FAQ that covered these but I didn't spot it - if I just overlooked it let me know! Otherwise, down to business:

    a) Could I convert a 36V lead acid setup to a 36V LiIon or LiPo setup, replace the charger side, and be done?

    b) Could I do the same but with a 48V battery pack? Or does the old speed controller depend on the voltage in some way that wouldn't work?


    Yeah switching to lithium is the easy part. It would be lighter, get more range, more balanced etc.

    But overvolting it is a little different.

    Certainly there exists the ability to overvolt in many controllers. Some will throw an overvoltage error and prevent operation but most companies don't seem to do this. The reason they might do this is because overvolting typically causes you to take a hit on component durability, especially the controller. So whether the controller will allow you or whether it'll crap out months later, it's anyone's guess. It'll depend how much quality went into their controller design. Some companies do significant overbuilding, like Bafang did with the BBSHD, and these can handle a little more than spec. Others, not so much.


      Thanks. Is it something I could try a 48V pack with the current controller and it it didn't work, I could then buy a 48V controller and retrofit it? I'm concerned that might mean a new throttle handle and other complexity, which is fine, but I want to understand that.


        Maybe. Matching halls sensor wiring is a pain in the ass, but it's not impossible. No doubt the wires will all be different colors than the stock controller. You may have to do some reading, some researching, and some asking on forums for advice. Same with the wiring for other components.


          What type of motor is it? In my experience converting razor motorcycles (the razor mx 500) it is a brushed motor, not brush less. While putting a 36v lithium battery would work just fine, to convert it to 48 volts, you are going to need a new controller. If you hook up a 48 volt battery to a 36 volt controller, the risk you run is blowing the capacitors in the controller that are probably not rated for it. You probably wont get any better performance either since the 36 volt controller will limit the motor to 500 watts, regardless of the voltage. And don't forget that you'll need a new charger to charge the lithium battery and that razors typically have a lousy low voltage cut off which doesn't matter for lead acid batteries so much, but with lithium ion, you'll be in trouble.