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Hello Everyone Building new ebike with low budget.

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    Hello Everyone Building new ebike with low budget.

    Hello Everyone,

    This is to inform you that i am from India. And i am looking forward to build up a low budget price ebike.

    Also looking for specification of getting 30-40Km distance.

    POWER DISTANCE: 25-40 KMs (
    24.85 mph
    -49mph)(Throttle Model)


    NOTE: person riding the bike is about 100Kg /220lbs on basis of this please let me know which motor will suit for above specification.

    please do let me know which motor would be needed for the above specifications.

    For example if i use this setup how much maximum speed and distance will i get on this below kit. (please specify the battery which i can use for this below specification by keeping mind for a 30km distance and speed abut 40km)
    MY1016Z3 350W (GB)+ Motor Controller + Twist Throttle + Brake, DIY Electric Bicycle Kit


    1. MY1016Z3 350W Motor:

      1. Voltage: 24 volts DC
      2. Output: 350 watt
      3. Left or right rotation by reversing wires
      4. MY1016Z3 motor with gear reduction
      5. 300 RPM (after Reduction)
      Motor Controller Specifications:

      1. Rated voltage: 24 v DC
      2. Current limit: 33A
      3. Matching motor: dc brushed motor
      4. Under Voltage Protection: 20V
      5. Strong Aluminium body
    Model MY1016Z3
    Operating Power 350 watt
    Operating Voltage 24 volts DC
    Rated Current(A) 19.2 amp
    Rated Speed(RPM) Base Speed: 3200 RPM
    Rated Speed(After Reduction) 300 RPM
    Rated Torque 11 N.m (110
    Stall Torque(Kg-Cm) 55 N.m (550
    Gearbox Yes
    Length of Cable 0.5 Meter
    Sprocket 9 tooth 1/8" Bicycle Chain
    Weight (Kg) 2.98
    Efficiency >72~75%
    NOTE: In this above specification how much maximum speed and distance will i get if it is used by 100kg person.

    Thank you once again for your future reply..

    I will be thankful for your reply and help in making this e bike with your precious suggestions. And if anyone has video about it with details instructions please do let me know