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Bikes that are Compatible with a BBSHD and BBSO2 kits

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    Bikes that are Compatible with a BBSHD and BBSO2 kits

    This is a thread where you can post up your pictures of completed BBSHD or the BBS02 kits.

    Also please post up the year the bike was manufactured along with frame size and as much info as possible. This will help others who are looking at purchasing a frame make the right choice.

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    So I will start this thread off. This isn't my bike but one that was listed on the endless sphere site. Id like to make this thread pictorial.

    This is a 2006 Specialized Epic Comp, no frame size was listed, nor the battery used. this would have been helpful information for any one wanting to buy a used specialized epic comp bike.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	uG6FgsO.jpg
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    • JPLabs
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      FS and a triangle pack - that's a great example to start off with!

    • teb1963
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      I am considering a 2009 Epic Expert and BBHSD, all I can find on the Bottom Bracket is "Shimano M762" which from what I gather is the whole crank assembly.
      the bike above if its like most 2006 Epic appears to be "Shimano M-760 XT, Integrated with crank", or Shimano FC-M542. Can anyone point me in right direction to find if the 2009 Epic is good to go with BBSHD.

    • Antonella
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      What can't you include Tongsheng motors as well since they both require similar bikes?

    Click image for larger version

Name:	DB ebike @ USF.jpg
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    I picked up this 2001 Diamondback Sorrento on Craigs List for $40. Steel frame, 20 inch seat tube with 26 inch wheels. The only thing wrong with it was the right crank arm was stripped, and that part gets removed anyway so the bike needed nothing for the conversion except a Bafang BBS02 kit. Removed the front derailleur and shifter leaving me with 7 gears along with the 46T chainring. Using a half-twist Bafang throttle on the left side, 963 display, 7 speed twist shifter on the right and a 48V 11.6AH Panasonic Dolphin battery. Hits top speed of 40 kmh (25 mph) in 6th gear, PAS level 3 of 3 (factory settings). 7th gear is superfluous overdrive and i never use it. I've gotten 60 miles plus in PAS level 1 with light peddling, and 35 miles plus (one bar left) using level 2 throttle only @ about 18 mph. Total cost was under $1000 for the bike, battery and motor kit. No modifications but I did remove the gear case cover and packed it with grease as recommended by Bruno. POWEEERRR!!!!!
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    • Woody
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      Update: More than a year old now and with over 3000 miles it's running better than ever. After changing the chain and freewheel last week it's quieter and faster, topping out at 28 mph/45 kph due to the higher gearing of the new freewheel. Better than expected!

    • geewhizbang
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      This is exactly the kind of bike I want to build.

    • StephanieZ07
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      Perfect bike!! I like this!

    2016 Motobecane Sturgis Bullet, 17.5" (med) frame, BBSHD, Panasonic PF 20Ah pack

    Build Thread:
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    Fabrication is fun! Build something today. Show someone. Let them help. Inspire and share. Spread the desire.


    • Rodney64
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      Nice Build JP. I actually haven't seen a one of these in Australia.

    • Scoonie
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      oops....picture gone...

    • JPLabs
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      Yes Photo bucket killed it. Search JPLabs on Photobucket, I left them posted and public, album called ebike.

    This particular build had some issues. Posted by mountain man on endless sphere.

    The Bike: 2015 Motobecane Sturgis Bullet with Rockshox Bluto fork, Tubeless 4" wide tires, and a 10 speed rear cassette. 11t to 36t. The bike was purchased specifically for this electric build.

    The Electric Bits: Bafang BBSHD, 100mm bottom bracket. Triangular 52V 20mah pack with Samsung Cells. The plan is to use a triangle frame bag for now in a manner that is very secure and protective. I am planning on using a left hand thumb throttle and a hydraulic brake sensor with the controls. The kit came with a 961. Is that display sufficient?

    I have started the build and have the mid drive mounted on the frame. If I could do it over, I would order a 110 mm or even a 120 mm BBSHD for the 100mm frame. I think this will almost universally be the case on fat bikes for anyone thinking of building one. The drive on the BBSHD is big and I just can't see it clearing the chainstays on most fat bike frames. It is very close to clearing on this bike. I would say maybe 5mm more would clear. I have a few photos that kind of show the clearance issue.
    I used one of the delrin bottom bracket spacers and I also had to cut back the direct mount derailleur on the bike to clear the drive. I did this with a dremel.

    The left hand crank arm doesn't even come close to clearing the chainstay so I have purchased a offset crank arm.

    The frame is a 19" and you will be able to see there is room to spare so my guess is that the battery would fit the 17.5" triangle as well. The Bullet seems to have kind of a high top tube so a 17.5" could be a good idea. I am 5'11" and the 19" is still the bike I would personally prefer. I would get a shorter stem.

    I did get the 100mm drive to fit, but it is definitely touching the chain stay. I would order the 110mm kit if available. I used a standard bottom bracket spacer that came off the Race Face bottom bracket. I would think you could get several of these and not have to fabricate spacers as some have.


    Drive unit with the direct mount trimmed back. Notice the drive unit rides right up against the chainstay. I hope this is okay as I have no more threads to sacrifice on the non-drive side of the bottom bracket.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	Bike3.jpg
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    Click image for larger version

Name:	Electric Fat Bike 2.jpg
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ID:	7923Click image for larger version

Name:	Electric Fat Bike.jpg
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    Well, I finished up the bike. I need to clean up and protect the wiring but other than that it is done. I am so impressed! I have literally never ridden an electric bike so I did not know what to expect. This thing is awesome. It has way more power than I expected. I have the thumb throttle as well as PAS with 3 settings. I can see times that I would use the PAS, but I am also very glad for the thumb throttle. I have not installed the brake sensor and I may not. I would like something to pause the PAS, but maybe some sort of button would be better? I would like to be able to use the front brake almost simultaneously to applying power in certain technical situations.

    I can't believe how well this will go in the snow. If you keep your weight way back and rely on the motor, you can can float through 12" deep snow. I have been busting drifts and all kinds of things. It also climbs like crazy. Right before our fresh snow I was climbing a 25% grade with a couple of inches of snow and I could go right up with a little assist.

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    • Rider
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      Looks great! (The other comment was for the bike below- removed)
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    here's mine:
    Orbea MX30 27.5 Small frame
    bottom bracket size: 73mm (I only found this out when i removed the bottom bracket during my installation of the motor hehe)
    Cabling: Rear / Front Derailleur (internal routed - top downtube in - buttom downtube out, few inches above the bottom bracket)

    spacers used: 1 small (the smallest luna cycle offers) - MUST HAVE
    tire tested: 27.5 x 2.2 & 2.4 (i prefer 2.1-2.2 size)
    chainring: lekkie bling HD (MUST HAVE)
    additional accessory: C-guide by bionicon (this will avoid chain from jumping off the chainring)

    Bottle Battery 52v 11ah Click image for larger version

Name:	DSCF9662 res.jpg
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    if i'm going to start over i'll go with medium up to xlarge MTB frame coz with a small frame like mine its hard / impossible to fit any battery on the downtube, but if you will go for hybrids, roadbike and some less agressive frame i think you should be fine regardless of size.
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    • Rodney64
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      Love your bike Pcliteuser and thanks for the post. Good info for anyone else wanting to convert an Orbea MX30 27.5 in a Small frame.

    • pcliteuser
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      Thanks rodney

    • Ciskoupe777
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      does your tire hits the battery everytime you hit a bump? and what about road dirts and water, is it safe? im asking because i have the same option to where i will be mounting my Batt. Thanks!

    This build is an Ellsworth Truth in small. Its a 2007 model. I put this bike together for my wife. This frame would suit a rider between 5.2 and 5.7 tall.
    The bike weighs in at 19.7 kilos.
    BBSHD 68mm kit currently fitted.
    52v Mighty Mini Battery and the cells are the Panasonic PF 6ah, which is the affordable pack.
    The battery's located in the bag under the seat. For this to work I have had to have the seat bag high and set the shock to its hardest setting.
    No issues with the installation, the bike has the standard 68mm bottom bracket.

    Today I rode 28 Kms from my house out to the beach and back, the voltage at 47.6 volts. Click image for larger version

Name:	20160604_164310_059.jpg
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    Edit: Sunday 5th June 11.59am Perth time
    Another ride and this time the voltage went down to 44.8 volts and 37kms. most of the time I was in pas 1 with some of the time in pass levels 3 and 4. Currently I have the controller set to 9 levels.
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      This bike was built by johnboy on Endless Sphere. Below is his build thread.

      Started with a Cannondale Lefty 29er I purchased used off craigslist for $500. New the bike was around $2300!

      The kid who owned it didn't keep it very well. I cleaned, degreased and regreased every bearing in the bike that I could to get it feeling like new.
      The shock was serviced last year so it's like new.

      As for the electric side of things I went with a BBSHD from Luna Cycle for my 73mm BB.

      I converted the original 73mm BB30 bottom bracket to a conventional BB using FSA's conversion kit and a homemade press from a large bolt and a couple washers! Took some elbow grease.
      42 teeth Luna chainring. Cassette is 34-11 t.

      The battery is 52v 24ah from Luna.
      I also hooked it up to the batt-man display to keep an eye on my battery/watts.

      Between the lefty shock and the Cirrus seatpost/hookworm tires it rides like a dream. No fatigue, cruises over potholes doing 30+ no problem.
      For some specs it weighs 51 pounds, max speed of about 35 mph on flat on a fresh charge in an aero tuck with motor only and I put out 1500 watts according to the batt-man.
      On a slight downhill I have had it up to 43 mph and I'm sure I could have gotten more.

      I have thought about trying a new controller to up my amps to 40-45 and squeeze out a bit more performance but after consideration I have decided not to as I feel gaining a few more mph is not worth it for the added cost, work, less reliability and diminishing returns, and the bike would be less stealthy (sometimes I carry my battery in a backpack)

      Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_0343.jpg
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      Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_0345.jpg
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        Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_2214.JPG
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ID:	8105 Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_2220.JPG
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        BBS02 on Trek "Wahoo" 29er, 73mm BB, RaceFace 30T, 52V "Shark pack" Chainline a little extreme in lowest gear. Added Origin 8 chain guide. Two 1mm spacers under Biktrix adapter. Works great.

        Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_2250.JPG
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ID:	8106 Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_2253.JPG
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ID:	8107
        BBS02 on Cannondale Quick3 Hybrid. 68mm BB, RaceFace 34T (not shown), 52V "Shark pack", Gear sensor (needed unorthodox location). Chainline great. No mods necessary.


        • pcliteuser
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          nice bike is that a large frame? i wonder if that kind of battery will fit on small frame

        • skymon
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          The Trek is a 17.5" Thats the middle of 5 sizes I think. They call that a medium.
          The Cannondale is the second smallest of 5 sizes. (They also call that a medium)

        This bike was converted by; pguk on the Endless Sphere forum. The Releigh 20 is from the 80s.

        This is my newly converted Raleigh Twenty - Bafang mid drive. The bike itself has pedigree, its a real cyclists cycle. It was a favourite of Sheldon Brown and also John Allen, both of who's sites have a pages devoted to the Twenty. Allen has ridden his modified bike for upwards of 25 years!

        My bike is largely original, although that will no doubt change as time goes by. (I cycled home in the wet today - braking is really not good with the steel rims. Upgrades required...) Two years ago I did the steering upgrade - the bike originally has a nylon bush for the top race; I have modern brake shoes for marginally improved braking; and a modern sprung brooks saddle. I have a Dawes kingpin from the same era but the Twenty is an order of magnitude more robust, so I wondered if it would make for a good ebike. I was right!

        Fitting the mid drive thro the BB was a bit of a struggle. I had to file open the shell slightly. The chain line was way off so I took as much as I could (5mm) off the drive side of the BB shell. So there's no going back now. Chain line is still not great - Depending on chain wear, I may soon fit a SRAM imotion 3 speed hub which is wider than the Sturmey Archer. I Initially had the battery mounted on the cargo shelf above the front wheel. This is actually very robust, but not 8kg worth of Lifepo4 robust. After a commute and a half it was bending under the load. Lashed in its present location the bike handles much better. The springy feel of British steel with the small wheels give the bike good manoevreability for my tight rush hour commute.

        Regards all pguk

        Click image for larger version

Name:	twenty_heaton_small_phatch.jpg
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        • Tony Crabtree
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          I am considering buying one of your BBS02 Mid Drive 48V 750W Motor Kit? And fitting it to my Moulton III, which were made by Raleigh in 1974 with full suspension with 16 inch wheels and has the 3 speed AW Sturmey Archer in full working order and has done very little miles. The bottom bracket on the Molten is 75mm is 2mm wider then your BBS02 Mid Drive 48V 750W Motor Kit, which might cause a problem with fitting and chain line.
          What would be helpful if I have the precise English measurements? I have seen the ones that the Chinese drawings, but of course I can't read them. If you can send me drawings with the right English measurements on it. I've got an engineer that ream out bottom bracket if it was required and to remove part of the bottom bracket to make it less than 75mm to fit.

          Best regards
          Tony Crabtree 01704 506505
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        i'm prepping up another bike for bbshd build what do you think about carbon frame + bbshd? is that an 'OK" combo or a completely NO NO?


        Tony the other option is go with the BBSHD in the fat bike size which is 73-100mm. This way you won't need to grind the bottom bracket housing back. This maybe cheaper than taking the frame to an engineering workshop
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          One of the reasons why I started this thread was how do you know if the batteries going to fit into the triangle. Especially if the frame is dual suspension.

          But other issues are chain line, bottom bracket size as well as a multitude of other issues.

          The frame that i decided to purchase without a battery in hand first is a Specialized Expert 2009 and its in a large size. . Yes frames on the big size for me as im 5.9. But the seat tubes set back and other options are available. But after riding it fits me well.

          So stay tuned to see what I can fit into this triangle. if my measurement are correct it will fit. but its close.The plan is a 52 volt shark pack and according to my measurements it will fit.

          Maybe someone else has converted one of these bikes same model and size but In the meantime I will wait in anticipation. Click image for larger version

Name:	20160526_173218.jpg
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ID:	8529

          Click image for larger version

Name:	20161213_184819.jpg
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ID:	24146

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          • Eric Luna
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            rodney, we will have a battery mount available soon so that you can mount a 11.5ah pf pack easily in that triangle like you saw on the prototype ludicrous. That is the easiest way to do it.

          • Eric Luna
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            h nice you got it to the battery removable? please add this bike to our full suspension bikes that shark battery fits thread.

          • Rodney64
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            Yes it removable And i will add to the compatible page

          Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_0069.jpg
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ID:	8533
          Commencal META 5.5 with a 68-73mm BBSHD

          Perfect Chain line with an Eclipse 42T, will never be able to put a 52T because the swingarm would be hitting it.

          Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_0085.jpg
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ID:	8534

          Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_0092.jpg
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ID:	8535

          Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_0096.jpg
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            Bike. Specialised Enduro Expert dual suspension
            Size Large
            Yearof manufacture: 2009
            Bottom bracket 73mm, BSA
            BBSHD kit 68-73mm model, with the standard Luna 42 tooth chain ring

            The overall conversion went well. My only concern is that the motors low ground clearance (230mm).
            The chain lines acceptable 5mm further out from the frame. So the lowest gears not usable.

            Click image for larger version

Name:	20160613_141443.jpg
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ID:	8744

            I torqued up the motor to the required torque. Prior to fastening the motor I also threaded all the wires between the motor and the frame.

            The motor has no movement and as I previously said it only fits in this downward position. Whats stopping any more upward movement of the motor is a mounting bracket for a chain guard on the right hand side.

            The bikes now finished but I am waiting on a shark pack to arrive. Currently I have a 6ah 52 volt mini cube in the triangle. I will post up more photos when my shark pack arrives. Click image for larger version

Name:	20160613_135600.jpg
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ID:	8745

            Edited: 18-06-2016
            Some more progress. Made up a mount to fit my soft pack. Ill post up more pics. when its finished

            Click image for larger version

Name:	20160617_142946-800x600.jpg
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ID:	9720

            I have finished my battery installation. The above aluminium housing is made out of light alloy. Its been bolted to the frame where the drink bottled bolts on. I have placed the battery into the housing and then held it into position with strong tape across the top and silicone. I have then cut pieces cardboard and siliconed to the sides and top.
            I have then applied a piece of vinyl 3m wrap to give it a smooth finish. The cardboard that I used was from a coke carton.

            This particular packs 14 inches long, 3.15 inches high and 3.3 inches wide. Its basically a shark pack that's been stripped from its case and a cover made for it.
            18 cells long by 3 high, total of 56 cells. Approximately 14,5ah pack. 700 watt hours . The BMS is situated at the bottom of the pack. . I have added a key at the top. This comes off the positive from the BMS.
            All up about 2 hours to build.
            The cells are the Panasonic NCR3400B which are good for 6.8 amps continuous around 27 amps max. Its not a pack to be ridden hard for any length of time.

            I'm happy the way this project has turned out. Its probably not water proof. But it should take a shower or two as the plastic wrap is stuck to the aluminium.

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