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Bikes that are Compatible with a BBSHD and BBSO2 kits

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    This is my second build. BBS02 installed on a 2002 Ladies Trek Navigator 300. Frame size is 16.5". BB is 73mm, Battery mounted on Bontrager cargo rack. The installation was pretty standard with no issues. My wife loves the bike as we live near the top of a steep hill.


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      2017 Motobecane Lurch. 100mm BBSHD with a 13.5Ah Shark. This is the smallest frame they sell. A 14" frame is just barely big enough to shoehorn a Shark pack i nto. I had some clearance issues though. The chain stays are extra short to bring the rear wheel as close as possible to the seat post, providing quicker turning and off-road h andling. If I had to do it again, I'd simply cut the chain stays off the BB and weld in a spacer to give enough room for the BBSHD to clear. The frame is 4130 CrMo steel, so I can weld on it without significantly weakening the frame. Yes it does weaken the frame some, but not like it would an aluminum frame. Here are some pics of the work, and the finished product. I know this is a lot of pics, but I didn't just bolt it on and go. I even used 5 bolts to hold on the battery.
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        What seat is that? How do you like it? I'm considering trying the ISM Sport or Touring soon with my S-T Thudbuster.

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        It's an Easy Seat II. I wanted a comfortable seat which was noseless, so when I got bounced off and landed back on it, I wouldn't get goosed by it.

      Originally posted by ncrkd
      The output of Sheldon Brown's Gear chart (gear inches and estimated speed at a 120 cadence) - 42 Eclipse, 18 rear cog, with a Nexus 8-speed:

      I try to keep these values in mind, and take it easy on the battery (keep the motor RPM up).
      Are you pedaling at 120 rpm or just using that for planning? coasting and letting the motor work? I could see pedaling at 100 rpm, but 120 would get old pretty quickly on a longer commute


        Dahan folding bike

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          I picked up this Sears, fat tire “Iron Horse” on Craigs List for $200. Steel frame with 26 inch wheels. The bike needed nothing for the conversion except a Bafang BBSHD kit. Removed the front derailleur and shifter leaving me with 7 gears. Using a half-twist Bafang throttle on the left side, DPC-10 display, 7 speed twist shifter on the right and a 52V 13.5AH Panasonic Dolphin battery. I installed a Luna aluminum 42” chain ring. It is great to ride on single tracks and hits top speed of 30 mph in 7th gear on the street. I've gotten 24 miles plus in PAS level 1 with light peddling. Total cost was under $1200 for the bike, battery, chain ring and motor kit. No other modifications. Was not too difficult to adapt this kit to this bike.
          I REALLY enjoy this ride!!!!! ( I’m 63yrs old )
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            WOW, this looks amazing, like my fitifito ebike :D
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              Hi all,
              I am new here and this is my build:
              bike: specilized stumperjumper fsr 2007, al frame
              motor: bbs02 750W
              battery: 48V 13Ah, 65cells LG M26
              battery is in large shark case, it is in backpack for now as it cant fit on downtube. I ordered smaller shark casing 52cells, will go without cell holders and place 56 cells 14s4p, so it will be 52V 10.6Ah and it will fit on downtube.

              last picture shows how I solve power cut off, basiclly it is power on demand, this is momentary switch taken from brake lever that came with kit, this is working great as I ride this bike mostly on trails. I wil eventually go for palmrest handles and integrate this switch better in handle or change switch for some smaller one. This works simple, when holding switch pressed you have power, as soon as you release it you have power cutoff.
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              Update: 3.9.2017.
              I finally received smaller shark case (52 cells), as I had case with 65 cells. I swap batteries this weekend into smaller casing (without cells holders, so I fit 56 cells 14s4p) and install 52v battery on down tube. it fit perfectly, here is picture.
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              I had to make modification on cradle to bolt it onto downtube, but nothing major.

              Finally I made saddle bag battery 14s2p using samsung 30q cells. Battery is just great, it fits in topeak medium bag.
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                Originally posted by richardgreer View Post
                BBS02 on 2007 Giant Trance 2 (no modification required)

                Hello from France,

                I have a old Giant Trance 2 of 2007 and I need your advice to install a kit Bafang bbs01 350W 36V.
                It seem that some people of you have been successful install this kit.

                My questions :

                Do you think that the distance between the ground and the motor is a problem during mountain bike practice.
                And I need your advice about the integration of the battery with this cycle. If you have some link I will be very happy

                Sorry for my mistake language :)

                Kind regards


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                  The ground clearance will be less. Have you made up a battery template to see if a shark pack will fit.


                Hi all, just wanted to let you know that I am about to start the build with BBS02B on a 2011 Specialized Epic Fsr Comp, in to an electric hybrid road and light trekking project, I got the bike, adapter, new rims , road tyres, pedals, arms etc etc and waiting for delivery of the motor kit, this bike has a 46x73mm PF30 BB shell, (but beware, only from 2011 confirmed, 2009/2010 ones have an incompatible bracket which will need custom machined parts, still investigating post-2011), with the PF30 to BSD adapter everything should be fine. If my calculations are correct (fingers crossed) the engine should fit with no particular modification but I will confirm once its here. I might have issues to fit the battery in the frame unless i un-build it (unfortunately medium frame, only one i could find, in the large version should be fine) as its an Hailong(Shark)pack, 48v 17AH with Panasonic/LG cells, which is 110mm tall, the lower AH are only 90mm which would fit in the frame below the shock. I will see if i can hook it below the main tube or even vertically, under the seat. I will post pictures soon.
                The bike is a beauty to look at, very light, very good tech on it, can be bought for decent prices and its got a carbon version which weights under 10Kg (!!!) which will be my next attempt if this is successful, carbon can be nasty...
                It deserves a try, just look at it!! Click image for larger version  Name:	906-906-EPIC-FSR-Comp-2011.jpg Views:	1 Size:	281.3 KB ID:	46393



                I rather wait 20 days and save nearly 200$ compared to shark pack.



                EDIT: PLEASE NOTE, After inspecting the bike I discovered that is has a simple threaded BB shell 73 x 42 like below, which makes things easier but confuses me as in specialized tech manuals its stated that this bike should have different brackets. Anyway better like that..Build started.

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                  Interesting battery alternative. Lg cells?


                    Originally posted by marcva View Post
                    Interesting battery alternative. Lg cells?
                    Got the gear, i opened the case to check the cells and they are Panasonic. I have a colleague that bought the same pack with a 750 bafang he did 3500km and still working perfectly. So Im fine with it:) Im about to start post about the build today anyway.


                      That looks like a nice bike choice. Lots of battery space too. The short suspension XC/Trail MTB's are great for so many things. Just enough suspension to take the bumps out, but still pedals great going up hill. Of course with an electric assist, up hill is never a problem!
                      MOVING BACK TO PEDAL...
                      2020 Banshee Paradox V3 1x11 (pedal)
                      2018 Soma Wolverine 3spd IGH Belt Drive (pedal)


                      Hello. I own a Scott Gambler 20 model 2010. The gear sheet has 38 teeth. A sheet of 40 or 42 teeth can not be placed because the teeth of the sheet would strike the frame of the frame. Can I mount such an electric motor system like BBSHD on this downhill bike model ? P.S. I sent an email to Luna Cycle about this problem but did not respond.
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                        You would need to space it out by possibly quite a bit, as well as possibly using a smaller chainring or chainring spacers. And you would need to rework the cassette to fix the chainline.
                        While it is doable it would take a bit of extra steps.

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                        I think it would need a LOT of work (also need to see the Bottom Bracket type) this bike is too particular to fit a Bafang I think without having to modify, cut and machine pieces. If you got the time and will you can use the measurements of the bafang motors and try to figure out what to modify, maybe using a 3D design software if you or a friend of yours can. You can still use a Hub motor though. Bafang/8fun ones are cheap and good. You can go rear, front or both. but remember, its unsprung weight. If you do hard, serious downhill, it might feel weird; well, worse than a center motor... If you do normal mtb use should be ok. Also need to check how much space you have below the tube for the battery when your forks are heavily compressed. Otherwise you end up with a battery in the backpack..Not ideal..
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                      I just built this one with the same motor and battery that I used on the red Diamondback posted on page 1.

                      The motor and battery have held up well but the old DB frame needs too many repairs so I scraped it and transferred everything over to another low budget bike that I picked up on Craig's list. The 2005 Raleigh Comfort bike was like new and has a 7 speed freewheel, seat shock, high rise handlebars, and 12g spokes on cruiser rims with 2.15 road tires. Just what I was looking for.

                      I don't ride trails so this suits me just fine. It's extremely comfortable on the street and solid as a rock. The rims are true and the brakes lock up if I need them too. The motor and battery had about 4300 miles on them when I put them on this bike, hoping to get another 4300. The battery does show some signs of degrading though, I'm getting about 10 or 15% less range than when it was new in Nov. of 2015. It used to be white, it is now painted black.
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                        2012 Surly Pugsly Neck Romancer 20" frame I thought the surely mister whirley might be an issue but it wasn't. Motor slightly touching frame. My hook wrench is rather small so it took a bit of loktite and a hammer to cinch the securing rings.
                        Update:well that didn't last long. Did 10 miles in the snow around my hood and everythings cool. Took it out to the metropark and the first good hill, pop goes the chain. It's a pc971 and once again a sram part breaks off. Back to the drawing board. I will try the kmc ebike chain.
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