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My Frist Elecctric Bike mid drive 2000 watt scooter motor powered

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    My Frist Elecctric Bike mid drive 2000 watt scooter motor powered

    This is my first electric bike and I am pleased with it so far. The bike goes about 25MPH and no peddling needed. This was the goal after seeing electric bikes that you needed to peddle as well. I decided that I wanted to be able to go to the store without the need to peddle. a true EV.

    This was a scratch build except for the 2000 Watt brushless motor and controller kit (did not want to have issues with the first build). The bike was free rusted junk with 20 inch wheels. The small wheel size combined with a 4 to 1 gear ratio gives good torque. I am using a 48V 2000Watt 25AH battery the one in the pic was just for testing.

    The bike was just what I was looking for "Junk", well a good test as i wanted a no peddle electric bike and the peddles were rusted solid (had to use a chop saw to remove). I am using a motorized bicycle gear on the rear wheel with 44 teeth i just ordered a 55 tooth great this takes 415 or 420 or #41 chain. The chines motor came with a T8 sprocket so ordered a 420 sprocket with a 10MM dubble D key-way. I made a U bracket that I bolted to the steel bike frame as I was scared to weld the thin bike tubing.
    I have about 100 miles on the bike as I write this. no drive-train issues just issues with mounting batteries ... I have indeed replaced the car for quick trips (more fun as fast to get their for quick trips and basically no cost). I am getting at leat 1 20 mile range and i think it is closer to 30.

    Issues found:

    I have the motor running in reverse. When i first put it together I jumpered the revers contacts on the controller and it worked OK but was slow 16 MPH. I have found that the reverse on the controler has an RPM limit and it would only go 16MPH. I now have reversed the motor via the wiring This worked and I can now get twice the speed although I can run the battres down quick at full speed.(on my motor I reversed the blue and yellow phase wires and the green and yellow hall sensors) simple but you need to understand the wiring.

    The motor had an T8 sprocket for 8MM chain. i could not find a good sprocket of this size for a bike. I now have a 11 tooth 420 chain sporck on the motor from electric scooter parts.

    After about 100 miles I melted the rear tire so i now have a set of Continental Ride Tour City tires the cheapest e bike rated tires I could find. I also have upgraded the brakes with Kool Stop a recommendation from the local bike store. All is working great so far.
    To be continued ...

    Watch the rear bike rack. I had a Schwinn rack and after 500 miles of riding the welds broke on the supports under the rack going to the frame. Link shows the broken welds


      Nice creation! Thanks for showing us.
      Fabrication is fun! Build something today. Show someone. Let them help. Inspire and share. Spread the desire.


        Ya I dont like the rack, not broken welds it has screws to adjust the length and yas i dont trust bit keeps going loose May need to fab my own rack. building an aluminum box for battery and controller now that i have the real battery.

        Just having too much fun riding for now to do anything. !!!

        I have gone over 100 miles in just the past few days, Melted the tire that was on the bike cloth was showing after all the use. I am a big guy 280 so i put a lode on it.