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  • Nec
    Todolist -

    Making changes to frame with my welder this week to fit my battery, im lucky to have this company my friend is very creative and worked with dirt bikes customs before.

    im not worried about making any sort of changes to this frame its over qualified in terms of durability for my riding at least.

    Changing headtube size from 45 - 55 to 44-56 IS.

    Picking up Needle bearings for swingarm + front rim.

    Top cap should be here for headset.

    Still searching for a vendor that can fill my excel with 150pcs titanium screws.

    Buying plexiglass for frame covers - going to be wrapped with carbon fiber film.

    Going to paintshop to talk about black colors possible with some kind of flakes in.

    Need to phone company for anodizing.


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  • Nec

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  • Nec
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  • Nec
    started a topic Big O

    Big O

    Hey guys

    Would like to share my project feel free to comment this project has been all over my mind to be honest.

    Currently living in Sweden (back in) i on my first ebike 2 months after i moved to Spain had a serious fracture in my knee so titanium was my best friend. Until i had a infection =/ (which i got in the hospital in Spain) Now im currently awaiting surgery to remove the metal from my leg. It has been hell of a ride to put it down.

    Since it is impossible to import nice full bikes to EU from outside i decided to make a one of a kind because i felt we don't have anything here except cake 13k.

    example 1800€ bike when taxed and in my hand it would be 4400+ so no. not saying i would not spend that kind of money on a bike but then i want it on the bike.

    There has to be a better option.

    My frame.

    Custom only one that got to buy only frame because i promised i would modify it and boy this frame is a BS story.
    They have a bike with this frame they sell but boy..
    I really hit the crap-pot this frame i has basically not a single normal bike metrics. Im changing several thing with this frame @my local welding company.
    i also asked for a clean non painted frame i did not get that i got a example they had skuffed away somewhere im kinda on their asses atm because i got taxed as it was a bicycle frame but its not hahah, idk cry or laugh.This is the most funny part ever im pretty new at building bikes but wherever they stole the design for this they missed a rly vital point.

    When i check the mount for the swingarm i just can't find any bearings ? i been riding dirtbikes most my life and been fixing them myself so i don't see how this is even a working frame i got.
    Luckily sweden has SKF i found 2 Needle bearings that will fit perfect in frame and perfect around the mount i got from them so touché.

    Swingarm came to me in molded form i have currently grinded it down to brushed state have not decided yet i might go for 2x anodizing and make it orange as my hope breaks ect. also for anti corrosion had to make it brushed i noticed i did not have the tools to make chromed after a few hours of grinding :D

    Dropout is 175mm Custom IS to PS break mount.

    All parts are decided and on its way or here except for front tire, headset, saddle, grips, chainstay.

    Bafang G510 Ultra 1KW.

    52v 30ah - Cell: LG 3400mah .output 50a continuously (120 peak)

    Front Rim is Halo Combat 36mm Black Shimano hub - Rebuilding to thru axle 10mm i dont have the rim yet might be a boost.

    Back is a Fat tire rim 80mm which will house a 4.9 Chaoyang Big daddy or Sandstorm 4.0 cruiser tire low profile its kinda weather dependent here. Changing from white rim tape to Orange

    Breaks is Hope V4 braided hoses. Orange (new cylinder reservoir Lid's orange instead of black.) custom throttle cutoff

    203mm front and back custom rotors from Uberbike Uk (best support ever)

    Stem is Hope DM 50mm orange

    Fork is same as SurRon (ty for rev Luna) : RST Killah 203mm DH Fork black.

    Carbon Raceface OEM carbon handlebar looks to be like a 15mm raise mat or glossy bought both.

    Rear shock is Öhlins STX 22 Custom 195x40mm.

    Seatpost is Suntour NCX. 27.2 400mm

    Rear will house a 11 to 52t cassette from ZTTO or my NXEagle 11 to 50 bought ZTTO(hooked on rainbow color)

    Derailleur GX Eagle - Custom orange ceramic bearings jockey's from JMD Irland UK.

    Chain AXS Eagle XX1 - rainbow color (world's strongest bicycle chain)

    Shifter E-GXEagle 12speed single shift (custom break cut off) - Jagwire braided housing for shifter.

    Custom DOVAL 42t chainwheel.

    Changing or fitting over 100 pcs or Gr5 titanium rainbow screws instead of black or silver ones here and there.

    I think this is all i got right now i will come back with pictures soon.