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2016 Giant Anthem 2 - 27.5 Small Frame - Conversion BBSHD 1000w - Help My Build Prep

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    2016 Giant Anthem 2 - 27.5 Small Frame - Conversion BBSHD 1000w - Help My Build Prep

    I have tried to read/research as much as possible to this point from youtube and this forum (started project about 1 hour ago - wife approval given). Apologizes for not finding the answers to questions below already ... I will continue to research (kids, life, wife, job and fun take away from my time to dedicate to pure research).

    Document pre-build questions and build for 2016 Giant Anthem 2 - 27.5 (picture below) ebike conversion

    Project Goal(s)/Requirements:
    1. Install Bafang BBSHD 1000w motor
    2. Install associated components (i.e. batt, display - DCP-18, other sensors - not sure of them as of yet (gear sensor))
    3. This is a trail bike that I run hard in all conditions including downhill.

    Bike Specs:
    Frame Size = Small
    Bottom Bracket = BB-MT500-PA (41*89.5-92) - Pressfit
    Full suspension

    2016 Giant Anthem 27.5

    1. Assumption: Large capacity battery will most probably not fit within frame triangle. Where is next best location? (hang from top tube or down tube?)(made template - length is 360mm by 110mm I believe)
    2. Due to heat/fire potential ... it is safe to have battery pack in backpack?
    3. I assume we remove the bottom bracket?
    4. PF-41 ( Is this the only thing required to hold the 100mm BBSHD? Where do we lubricate -- haha? I am confused as to where the bearings are - therefore motor spindle rotates within the PF-41 adapter ... but there is no bearings?
    5. Are the Bafang brakes mandatory? I see there is a signal cable coming from them -- this must be for sensor relay of some sort?
    6. Based on BB size - I assume a 100mm version is required with spacers I am guessing for best chainline results?
    7. Rear Shimano SLX-Shadow derailleur - is this strong enough to withstand the power of the BBSHD 1000w?
    8. Should I upgrade my chain to accommodate BBSHD 1000w? Recommend removing quick link?
    9. Is a chain tensor needed or a nice to have?
    10. I worry about the suspension arm clearance as pictured below (I have seen a few videos so far but not exact same bike).

    Click image for larger version

Name:	chainring clearance.gif
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    Many thanks for any assistance ... ordering motor and parts in next few days. Cheers
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    ok started to answer some of my own questions .. haha

    #5: Are Bafang brakes mandatory? Seemingly no as my brakes are hydraulic ... so breaking procedure would be to let off throttle and apply breaks ... unless there is a sensor relay I can attach to my hydraulic breaks?