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Ebike Builders for HIRE ... introduce yourself here

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  • Ebike Builders for HIRE ... introduce yourself here

    Are you a skilled builder looking to make some extra dollars installing kits for newbies? or do you own a bike or ebike shop and want to fish for some extra business.

    At luna we always get asked who can install kits and for now on can refer this people to this post for possible candidates.

    Please list your name and city and what kits you can install here in the format i will provide in the next post. Provide one picture of a build you did or a picture of yourself....

    If you have ever written an ebike article, build thread or have a website[URL=""] please link to it here[/URL]. If you have never done a build thread i really recommend you do one and post it here so people can see your work:

    please list your real name so people can vouch for you...

    Write a paragraph about yourself and services..and most importantly a link to a build thread :)

    Note: these installers are not sanctioned, affiliated or endorsed by Luna Cycle or
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    Edit: Unfortunately, I don't have time to do this because I work six days a week and I need to save time so I can ride and maintain my own bikes.

    My name is Erik Mannie. My website is [URL=""][/URL]. I have a full shop in Santa Rosa, CA which includes a large hydraulic press so I am able to rebuild hub motors and install axles. I will do any bicycle or ebike work. I lace and true wheels, including hub motors. I also have a full soldering setup.

    I have a Certified Bicycle Technician certification from United Bicycle Institute in Portland, OR, USA.

    I have one extensive, ongoing project which is a high power, fat tire police (may be used as commuter) ebike where all of the electronics (except the Grin Tech Cycle Analyst V3 display) are hidden. This bike is my avatar photo. These police ebikes cost me about $10,000 and take a year to complete. No effort is made to control costs or effort because I only focus on reliability and performance. The police ebikes come in two models: street and mountain. I have been using the street version as a daily commuter for a few years and it seems to be perfect except for going up very steep hills, which was the motivation for the mountain version. The video for the street version is on the home page of my website. The mountain version is waiting on powder coating and assembly. The street version has a 58T chainring and a 14-28T freewheel. The mountain version has a 20T chainring and a 23T White Industries freewheel. Top speed on both models is 47 mph.

    I have a non-ebike job six days a week, so I only have Sundays available for customers. I also go to United Bicycle Institute on all of my vacations which will result in the ability to make custom chromoly or titanium frames, but not until 2019.

    My phone number is (707)293-8973.

    The street version build thread is here: [URL=""][/URL].

    The mountain version build thread is here: [URL=""][/URL].
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      I rode his bike a few weeks ago. SOLID.
      Very solid. . If you want to go fast, reliably, you need the premium parts he uses.

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    Philadrphia Pa.


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      [QUOTE=Ebike1;n41395]Philadrphia Pa.

      Good looking bikes, reasonable prices, compared to the vast majority of ebikes for sale I've seen it looks like your stuff is quite the bang for your buck, very nice.


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        Hello all,

        I'm in the Charlotte North Carolina South Carolina area, I am a professional bicycle Tech with 35 years of experience and with attention to detail, about 2 1/2 years ago I started working and installing all types of electric motors and had a blast learning all about them and became an expert at it, I now run my own service shop for regular bikes and E-bike repairs, service and advice on components and fittings to make sure people ride bikes again comfortably and safely.

        704-607-8125 cell


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          I'm Dayn, and I work as the lead Ebike mechanic at Classic Cycles in Oregon City (not far from Portland Oregon.)

          I have been building my own custom Ebikes, battery packs and I really like the Bafang mid-drives (BBS02 & BBSHD) that Luna sells, I have built many with these kits.

          Have built many different types of Ebikes over the years, and would be happy to build yours. Call (503) 557-1977 for more info.

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