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looking for someone to work on bafang ebike in Arizona

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    looking for someone to work on bafang ebike in Arizona

    would like to change some programming on one of my bafang hub motor bikes
    looking for someone proficient in the software that i can pay to change some parameters for me

    anywhere in az


    Why pay someone? Using the software and the preloaded profiles you can program it in like 30 seconds with no prior experience


      guess I am chicken
      I bought a programming wire from luna and have some software downloaded somewhere on an old Microsoft laptop

      think the software may be for a mid drive, are they all the same?

      would feel better paying someone to do it if I can, but if there is not anyone will try to do it myself

      if I could watch someone do it once would feel better for future changes myself

      anyone in southern California that would be interested in the work if I am over that way?


        I'm in Chandler and have a shop in Tempe - if you have the software and cable I'll help you

        I've only done my BBSHD but I'm proficient with that and I do have a hub bike too but not the software and cable for it


          Great, let me see if the software cable I have matches this bike

          I downloaded some software and a friend and I hooked up a bike a year or so ago and we could see the controller, I don’t remember if we changed anything that day or not

          Will check my computer and the cable and PM you

          thank you so much


            AZguy sent you a PM
            finally have time to do something with this
            hope we can get together to work on it


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              PM back at ya