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Looking for a welder ( North Jersey )

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    Looking for a welder ( North Jersey )

    Hello guys, i am located in north jersey, and im looking for a welder that can help me do two things,

    1. Mount the Electric motor i have on to my frame (motoped frame)

    2. Make a case for my battery, (rectangle shape) and then mount it onto the frame as well.

    Any advise on someone that can help me, would greatly appreciate it.

    Thank you

    I am in Northern New Jersey also and would like some local help with a custom build mid drive, tracker or cruiser type. Thanks.
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      I got in the door with a truck shop making $17 in Indiana. I've got a record, so getting work was a challenge. I'm not really a welder, but I wouldn't have gotten hired if I failed the weld test emi calculator gst login ifsc code
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