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    Looking left to right, it looks like he has a bicycle repair stand, drill press, unidentified items (plasma cutter?), bandsaw, approximately 200 and 350A TIG/stick welders, three large cylinders of shielding gas, a tool box, lathe, bench grinder, vertical milling machine, press brake and fire extinguisher.

    In the middle of this very slick shop, he has a fixed welding table as well as a rolling welding table with his Anvil Bikes Journeyman mounted to it.

    I don't see a tube bender, rotary table, or tube mitering fixtures.


      Originally posted by JPLabs View Post
      You would probably want to stick weld the heavy sections. It's pretty easy to do, compared to TIG.

      I went to a local steel yard for my table materials. Cart, actually. 24X30 1/2" top, square tubes, HD rubber casters cost me about 250$, casters were about 80 of that IIRC.

      Steel is WAY cheaper at a dirty, crude steel yard, than online, if you have one in town.

      I think you could be making decent stick welds your first day, with recommended settings and some practice. Or, an hour if someone shows you.

      I'd recommend you try simple practice welds when the welder is set up, before the class, and if they are working decide to build it. If not, sure, wait.

      one great thing about welds is that you can add more, later. So, skills improve, later, OK, rework the table a bit as you gain confidence.

      maybe make a stool or smaller thing, first, so you don't risk expensive materials. Something you can throw into the salvage pile if you don't like it.
      Good advice. Always get steel some steelyard. Don't get ripped off. Definitely practice as well.


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