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What's the Deal With some frame designers and kickstand mounts?

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  • ncmired
    Thanks Paxtana - yeah, I remember seeing your posts on this. Great idea.

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  • paxtana
    We came up with a unique solution with the help of a forum member that happens to have recently opened a machine shop. This was something I had been trying to get developed for years lol

    Distributors and builders of high power electric bikes and trail bikes plus parts

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  • What's the Deal With some frame designers and kickstand mounts?

    First off, credits due to the 90's comedians (the "What's the Deal With" opening line).

    rant on!

    My latest build uses a small production run steel frame marketed by a U.S. company. Like some other bike companies (cough, Surly), it lacks a reasonable way (read: a plate) to mount a kickstand.

    Why? Because, these companies seem to believe that the plates are 1.) unsightly or 2.) affect the bike's ride, or 3.) weaken the BB/chainstay region, or 4.) some other bull excrement reason.

    And, they then piss and moan about the clamp-on stands crushing the chain stays.

    Ok, yes, I'm not a frame designer, structural engineer. I'm just a user of hopefully well thought out, practical bikes. And, yes, I can understand the reasoning on a featherweight, ultrathin tire frame. But, on a fatish tire or round-the-world touted frame? Please ...

    I'm thinking, if the frame has a zillion mount points for racks and so forth that you mean to be used (for racks and so forth - as in added tippy weight), a stand plate ain't gonna kill ya. Decorate the danged plate if you have to, or come up with some other gimmick.

    rant off!