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Bafang g510 Enduro MTB build

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    Bafang g510 Enduro MTB build

    Hi, so this is my first post on the forum. I've been riding mtb's most of my life and recently have really been intrigued by the ebike scene.

    Having just had our first child I cannot currently justify going out and buying an emtb and tbh I like building things.

    So this week I ordered a g510 kit with the intention of building an enduro hard tail frame. I have a butted tubeset in the garage from a project I never got round to starting.

    The g510 is coming with the ally mount bracket but I am going to have to make my own out of 4130. This got me thinking that initially I am going to chop an old frame up and make sure my bracket fits and all clearances are good. This will save me the time and money of possibly ruining a good tubeset, so I am currently scouring eBay for cracked frames

    Tooling wise I have both a TIG setup and Oxy/acetylene for brazing, this frame will most likely be tig.

    I have a jig (I have built 3 other frames previously) that will need some tweaking to allow for the motor bracket to sit in it.

    Regarding the motor this is completely new to me so no doubt will end up asking for lots of advice!

    I am based in the UK.


    Welcome to the group - there are a number of threads / fellow frame efforts, here's a couple of them:

    After building some BBSHD bikes it was time to get my hands on a Bafang Ultra drive. I like the torque sensing idea and the integrated look of the G510.

    I want to modify a steel frame for a Bafang Ultra. You can buy an aluminum housing for the motor to weld onto an aluminum frame but I question my ability to do that and don't want to pay someone to do it ( I want this to be MY build). I also want to be able to repair and modify the frame as I see fit and I feel much more